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"Thrilled with the results!"
Anna W.
In the middle of a course of super omega 3, 500mg - as well as being happy with its natural ingredients, I’m thrilled with the results! Already placed my second order, I recommend it :)
"Since I’ve been taking Daily 3, my asthma has gone"
Loic I.
Very reliable company, highly effective products! I’ve been buying dietary supplements from SuperSmart for my family and myself for several years now. I’m really pleased with them, their customer service has really improved over the last few years, they respond quickly and are always accommodating. The products are effective, I’m happy with them. Since I’ve been taking Daily 3 (6 years now), my asthma has gone, I no longer have to take my Ventolin with me everywhere, what a relief … Keep up the good work, thank you.
"She looks more alert and her conversation is more coherent"
Brigitte K.
My mother, who will be 89 in a month, has been taking Vinpocetine for 3 months for vascular dementia. Of course, she can’t do crosswords, but her eyes are brighter and more alert and her conversation is more coherent. Thank you for making her final years easier.
"Now I don’t think about the pain any more – it’s like it’s disappeared."
Dominique H., 64, France
Following surgery for breast cancer in January 2009 at the age of 56, I had to have chemotherapy and radiotherapy which seriously weakened my bones. It left me unable to move about normally and I had to find a seat every 5-10 minutes to sit down and rest. On top of that, severe joint pain and stiffness meant that the simplest of everyday movements, such as climbing the stairs, were difficult. To relieve the pain, I was prescribed a codeine painkiller (Tramadol 200mg twice a day) which I’ve now been taking for two years, plus injections three times a year. While this gave me some relief, the side-effects were disabling (dizziness, falls ...). I’ve been a Supersmart customer for several years now and wanted to try their new product, ‘Natural Pain Relief’, described as a natural painkiller with no side-effects. I’ve now been taking this product for around one month and have stopped thinking about the pain – it’s as if it’s disappeared …. I’ve gradually reduced the drugs prescribed by my doctor and now I don’t take them at all. I go walking, stairs are no longer a challenge. I’m even surprising myself by dancing – something I haven’t been able to do for a long time. I didn’t even realise... I think it’s a very good product, thank you.
"Today, I no longer suffer the pain that used to be my constant companion."
Steve J., 33, UK
I’ve suffered from chronic lower back pain since I was a teenager but refused to take painkillers because of their effects on the liver and kidneys. One day, I saw Natural Pain Relief on the Supersmart website and decided to try it, albeit with reservations. To be perfectly honest, I felt no benefit the first week I used it, but then … a miracle happened.  Now, I no longer suffer the pain that used to be my constant companion. I’m back to normal, I walk without dragging my feet, I’ve begun to go jogging again and play team sports such as badminton. Natural Pain Relief quite simply changed my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
"I can walk more easily and sleep much better."
Jurgen B., 58, Germany
I’ve suffered with back pain for 15 years. I did a lot of hiking from a very young age but I had to give it up … I was having to stop every five minutes to rest. At least twice a year, I put my back out and have to stay in bed for several days to recover. My doctor prescribed strong painkillers but the effects tended to diminish over time plus they caused dizziness. 

I half-heartedly tried Natural Pain Relief at the suggestion of my naturopath. To start with I felt no different, but after a week, my back pain began to subside and now it’s completely bearable. Walking is easier now and I’m sleeping much better.
"There really is something to satisfy everyone."
I have been using SUPERSMART products for several years and now I just can’t do without them. Whether it’s for your joints, skin or for burning calories, there really is something to suit everyone. And if you need advice, they are easy to contact by phone. I often recommend their range of products to friends and family.
"Highly satisfactory service and full product details!"
Ren's Z.
You’re never too young or too old to take care of yourself! Highly satisfactory service and full product details! Perfect!
"High quality service"
Franck W.
First-class service with good products and excellent handling of orders.  All my questions were answered via the website – nothing more to add! Thank you.
"I’m so happy - thanks to you, I’m well!"
Jade R.
I was 72 in July – and the photo has not been airbrushed! 
I’m ‘working’ my muscles a bit more at the moment – and I’m tall and slim @@@!!! I’m so happy to be well, all thanks to you! THANK YOU -:)
I’m an impressionist painter 
Kind regards – it’s good to get to know you!


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