Oral Hygiene
Power Smile 170g 1 tube
Power Smile 170g 1 tube
Power Smile 170g 1 tube
Whitening, anti-bacterial, peppermint toothpaste
  • Visibly reduces dental plaque.
  • Powerful anti-bacterial.
  • Contains three natural whiteners (bamboo powder, calcium carbonate and silica).
  • Quantity : 170 g 12.00 €
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    If you want to maintain your smile without damaging your tooth enamel, Power Smile is a super-whitening toothpaste that's chemical-free and non-abrasive. Three natural whitening agents - bamboo powder, calcium carbonate and silica - revive the brightness of your teeth while at the same time, polishing them and preventing tartar build-up. Power Smile also contains a powerful anti-bacterial -perilla seed extract - which prevents sugars from bonding with minerals in saliva to form plaque. Power Smile is also enriched with peppermint oil to keep breath fresh long after brushing.
    Ingredients: Perilla seed extract (Perilla frutescens japonica), grapefruit seed extract (anti-bacterial), bamboo powder, calcium carbonate, silica, aloe vera gel (soothes the gums), oil of peppermint, vegetable glycerine (humectant), stevioside (flavouring), carageenan (thickening algae), bicarbonate of soda (acid neutraliser), sodium cocoyl glutamate (replaces lauryl sulphate), coconut oil (emulsifier), purified spring water.


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