Natural Iodine + Natural Thyro Formula
Natural Iodine + Natural Thyro Formula
Natural Iodine + Natural Thyro Formula

A natural source of iodine with multiple benefits

  • a natural source of iodine with very low sodium content ;
  • provides excellent support when reducing salt intake or on a weight-loss diet ;
  • stimulates production of thyroid hormones ;
  • helps maintain cognitive function and a balanced nervous system.

New, improved, more powerful formulation

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Natural Iodine 500 mg

Are you aware of just how important iodine is for our health? This trace element is integral to the healthy functioning of the human body: it plays a role in regulating body temperature, reproduction, growth, general metabolism, the formation of blood cells, the development of the nervous system and even heart function!

Too little iodine can lead to enlargement of the thyroid gland and impaired thyroid function, which in turn can result in cardiac disorders (palpitations) and weight problems. It is thus essential to ensure a balanced intake of iodine, taking care to check its provenance in order to ensure an adequate content. It’s worth noting that 2-3% of the population suffers from hypothyroidism, the main symptoms of which are weight gain, fatigue, muscle weakness, brittle hair and nails and increased sensitivity to cold. Such individuals are normally deficient in iodine, have poor pituitary gland function or suffer from auto-immune diseases.

At present, howev ...

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Natural Thyro Formula

A healthy thyroid is essential for good hormone balance at any age. In many cases, it is also an effective means of weight control. Natural Thyroformula provides natural thyroid hormone precursors (fucus is naturally rich in iodine) and biological precursors (L-tyrosine) combined with B vitamins, zinc, selenium and magnesium, as well as plant extracts with myricetin and kaempferol, which work together to boost thyroid function. This new formulation contains 50% more iodine, three times as much Commiphora mukul and 700 mg of ashwagandha.

¤ Ashwagandha has been added because it is one of the essential ingredients used in ayurvedic medicine for threating hypothyroidism. This traditional use has been supported by studies in which ashwagandha was used in isolation or in combination with guggulsterones.

¤ Guggulsterones, extracted from Commiphora mukul, stimulate activity of the thyroid gland and increase T4 to T3 conversion. This is how th ...

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