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Sport Pack
Sport Pack
Sport Pack

This pack is aimed just as much at regular, experienced sports enthusiasts as beginners who need motivation and nutrient support to achieve their fitness goals. The synergy of its different elements will restore optimum energy levels following strenuous exercise and increase muscle strength and stamina, while protecting joints and tendons and maintaining optimal hydration.

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Undenatured Whey Protein Isolate 1kg

Whey protein isolate (WPI) is made up of a combination of protein and amino acid chains extracted from whey or “lactoserum”. A new, high-tech process, Cross Flow Microfiltration, has enabled an isolate to be extracted from whey that contains over 90% protein, 99% of which is totally undenatured. All the important sub-fractions are retained in their natural ratios, while lipids and lactose are almost entirely eliminated. Natural and non-chemical, this slow, gentle filtration technique protects the proteins’ integrity and biological activity. Studies conducted on whey protein have shown it to have a number of properties:

    It increases protein synthesis in muscles and helps to build muscle mass and increase power and strength.
    - It activates anabolic metabolism at a cellular level.
    - It stimulates the immune system and has antiviral and antibacterial effects (Helicobacter pylori and salmonella).
    - It inhibits the spread of cancer (particularly breas ...

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Tendo-Fix 250 mg

Arthritic joint problems, usually related to inflammatory flare-ups, are generally treated by injections or NSAID-type drugs. The side-effects of such treatments are widely-documented and are by no means minor, particularly in the case of long-term administration. A range of manipulation therapies are sometimes used alongside medication, but they too have uncertain outcomes.

The importance of tendons!

The human body has more than 4000 tendons which play an essential role in the health of our bones and joints. Each movement we make requires our tendons to be strong. Structurally, a tendon is similar to a rubber band – it does not take much to tear it.
We make constant demands on our tendons but as we get older, there is a decline in our ability to produce the nutrients needed in order for them to function optimally, causing them to contract. The main difficulty is that tendons have few – even no – blood vessels making it hard to provide ...

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SuperWater is neither a spring water nor a mineral water and its benefits extend far beyond those of water magnetised by metallic electrodes to enrich it with specific minerals.
We now know there are three essential factors involved in optimising cell performance in all the body’s tissues (heart, brain, muscles…):

    • increased elimination of metabolic acid residues in cells;
    • optimal supply of water and oxygen;
    • adequate provision of fuel for energy (ATP).
Studies have demonstrated that consuming SuperWater helps:
    • eliminate metabolic acid residues due to its high alkalising ability;
    • provide a surplus of active oxygen ions, not in the free radical-generating O2 form, but in the negative electric charge form, OH-.
In addition, it has the unique property of penetrating the cell intima where mitochondria are located – the powerhouses that produce ATP.

In a two-week study of individuals of all age ...

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