Top tips on how to stay fit and beautiful after 60
Sixty is the age of fulfilment and serenity. It’s also an age when we need to take extra care of ourselves. Here are our top tips.
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How can I solve my skin problems naturally?
If you’re looking for natural, simple ways to improve the appearance of your skin, here are our tips on how to regain the perfect complexion, whatever your skin type or problem.
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Stress: the best ways to eliminate it!
If, after trying everything, stress still seems to be blighting your life, fear not. Here are some truly effective methods for relieving stress and ensuring you maintain a positive outlook. Keep calm and carry on!
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All you need to know about hypertension!
Arterial hypertension, too often ignored and poorly managed, is one of the main causes of cardiovascular problems and affects 20% of adults. Here we explore the condition.
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10 good reasons to add seaweed to your diet
Our prehistoric ancestors ate seaweed – and they were absolutely right to do so, as it contains undisputed nutritional benefits. Green, red, brown … altogether, there are around 40 different varieties of edible seaweed. Here we shine a spotlight on this 100% health-promoting food.
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Everything you need to know about joints!
In France, one in three people suffer (or will suffer) with painful joints. Here we give you the lowdown on what you need to do to prevent and treat joint pain, and the natural solutions available to help you.
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7 healthy items you’ll find in your kitchen
Did you realize that the contents of your kitchen hold abundant benefits for your health? Here are our choices for some of the healthy foods that you probably have on hand, with explanations of their benefits.
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7 good reasons to discover astragalus
The astragalus plant is native to China, and has been used for over 2,000 years for its health benefits. What are those benefits and why are they important? Here are seven good reasons to use astragalus.
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The best foods for protecting your heart!
Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in Western countries. Diet plays an important role in preventing hypertension, diabetes, and obesity, which are additional risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Here are our choices for the 10 best foods for protecting your heart!
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