10 tips to beat bloating
Say goodbye to swollen tummies, bloating and gas! Here are 10 ways to beat bloating and get back that flat stomach.
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How can you preserve your memory?
Are you worried about memory problems and memory loss? Of course you are. But are you using your memory enough and are you taking the proper daily steps to preserve it? Here are five essential steps you can take to preserve and develop your memory.
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Top 10 Anti-cholesterol Foods
We have prepared this list of the ten best foods for regulating, preventing, and reducing bad cholesterol. Include these foods in your menus as regularly as possible.
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Top 10 slimming plants and herbs
With appetite-suppressing, fat-reducing, draining and detoxifying effects, these ‘slimming’ plants are seriously good news for those watching their figures!
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Lose weight naturally: the golden rules!
If you’re looking to lose a few kilos without compromising your health and without taking anything, take a look at these golden rules for implementing an effective and natural slimming plan.
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7 essential tips for sleeping well without pills
One in five people have trouble sleeping. One in nine regularly take sleeping pills. If you too, feel abandoned by the god of dreams, then why not follow our action tips for achieving a good night’s sleep - the natural, drug-free way.
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