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MSM: the benefits of organic sulphur!
Since the 1990s, MSM supplements have proved a great success because they provide significant levels of organic sulphur. Not to be confused with the toxic gas sulphur dioxide, organic sulphur is a trace element which the body needs in order to function properly. It is found in many structures, especially the hair, nails, joints and connective tissue such as the skin’s dermis. It’s clear then that maintaining adequate levels of sulphur in the body offers a number of benefits. This is precisely why MSM has attracted considerable scientific interest. This source of organic sulphur can help promote well-being by, for example, naturally easing joint pain from arthritis. MSM supplementation may also offer benefits for fighting ageing of the skin and seasonal allergies, and can promote detoxification. The experts at SuperSmart have put together the following guide which contains everything you need to know about MSM: its characteristics, properties, benefits, uses, doses and scientific opinion …
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The neurotransmitter GABA: a natural stress-buster
Behind the letters GABA lies a neurotransmitter called gamma-aminobutyric acid which plays a key role in the brain. Studies show it has a powerful calming effect and is thus often described as a natural stress-buster, anxiolytic, muscle-relaxant and anti-depressant. Research has also identified it as offering benefits for those suffering from insomnia and hypertension, as well as for sports enthusiasts and overweight/obese individuals. Now available in supplement form, GABA is attracting considerable interest among the scientific community. The experts at SuperSmart have put together this useful guide containing everything you need to know about natural GABA: its characteristics, mechanism of action, properties, benefits, uses, latest research and scientific opinion …
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Boswellia serrata: the natural anti-inflammatory from Ayurvedic medicine
Though the tree Boswellia serrata may be little-known in Europe, the resin it produces is attracting increasing interest at the moment due to its significant therapeutic potential. A famous remedy of Ayurvedic medicine, Boswellia serrata resin has been studied extensively over the past few years. Researchers have identified anti-inflammatory activity, efficacy against inflammatory joint pain and asthma-relieving properties. To give you the ‘low-down’ on this natural Ayurvedic anti-inflammatory, the experts at SuperSmart have prepared the following guide which contains everything you need to know about Boswellia serrata resin: its history, origins, properties, benefits, methods of use and scientific opinion …
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Berberine: its anti-diabetes effect and benefits for health
You may not be aware of berberine supplements, but this natural active principle has actually been used therapeutically for many years, especially in traditional Asian medicine. Today, scientists are showing particular interest in berberine’s properties in relation to the management of type 2 diabetes. To help explain this anti-diabetes effect, the experts at SuperSmart have put together a handy guide. It contains everything you need to know about berberine: how it’s defined, its origins, properties, benefits, methods of use, dosage and how it’s viewed by the scientific community …
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Turmeric and Curcumin: properties and benefits
Turmeric, or curcuma as it’s sometimes known, is not just a popular spice, but also an active phytotherapy ingredient which has been used for hundreds of years. Turmeric powder is bright yellow/orange in colour, and has both a distinctive flavour and numerous benefits for health and well-being! Whether as a powder to add flavour to a dish, or as a dietary supplement providing health benefits, turmeric has many applications. To help you understand why and how turmeric can be used in everyday life, the experts at SuperSmart have compiled the following summary. It contains all you need to know about this active ingredient: its history, composition, curcumin content, properties, benefits, various methods of use, dosage and contraindications.
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The multiple benefits of resveratrol: a strong case for supplementation
Available nowadays as a dietary supplement, resveratrol is an exceptional active principle. It has been studied for decades and continues to reveal new properties and therapeutic virtues. Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, cardio-protective, anti-cancer, anti-ageing … the benefits of resveratrol seem to know no bounds. It appears to aid the prevention and care of numerous health problems. To provide a clearer understanding of the benefits of supplementing with resveratrol, the experts at Supersmart have put together this handy guide. It contains everything you need to know about resveratrol: how it’s defined, its origin, history, properties, benefits, methods of use and how it’s viewed by the scientific community …
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Everything you need to know about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ cholesterol!
Warnings about the risks of hypercholesterolaemia continue to grow. The subject of cholesterol-lowering foods features on the front pages of health magazines. But specialists are also urging us to differentiate between ‘bad’ cholesterol’ and ‘good’ cholesterol. Some explanation is needed then to clarify exactly what is meant by cholesterol, hypercholesterolaemia, ‘good’ and ‘bad’ cholesterol and a cholesterol-lowering diet.
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Salmonella infection: your questions answered
At the centre of a recent global public health crisis, salmonella infection, or salmonellosis, raises considerable concern and uncertainties. To help clarify the issue, we provide answers below to the most frequently-asked questions. What exactly is salmonella infection? What causes it? What are its effects? And how can you protect yourself against it?
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Five health benefits of citrus fruits
Winter is the season for citrus fruits. Oranges, clementines, mandarins, lemons, grapefruit … these fruits not only provide beautiful summer colours and refreshing flavours but also a wide range of health virtues. Read on to find out more about the benefits of citrus fruits!
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