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Sport: 6 tips to get you motivated over the summer
The sun’s shining, the weather’s stable, the temperature’s pleasant. The conditions are perfect for engaging in physical activity. But if the warm, sunny days are still not enough to motivate you, here are six excellent reasons to either take up or return to exercise over the summer months!
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5 good reasons to consume ginger
Even if the supposed aphrodisiac effects of ginger have yet to be scientifically proven, this Asian spice nonetheless offers a surprising number of health benefits, as demonstrated in close to 100 clinical trials. So why exactly should you consume ginger?
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Stress: the best ways to eliminate it!
If, after trying everything, stress still seems to be blighting your life, fear not. Here are some truly effective methods for relieving stress and ensuring you maintain a positive outlook. Keep calm and carry on!
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10 good reasons to add seaweed to your diet
Our prehistoric ancestors ate seaweed – and they were absolutely right to do so, as it contains undisputed nutritional benefits. Green, red, brown … altogether, there are around 40 different varieties of edible seaweed. Here we shine a spotlight on this 100% health-promoting food.
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10 good reasons to take rhodiola
Do you know rhodiola? This lovely yellow plant conceals abundant anti-stress and anti-fatigue properties that make Rhodiola the ideal partner for maintaining your well-being.
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Why and how to use aloe vera daily!
You’ve surely heard someone mention aloe vera, the plant that possesses almost endless properties. But do you know all the ways that aloe vera can help you? Here are ten ways you can use aloe vera that you’ve (definitely) never imagined!
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What are natural remedies for preventing and relieving osteoarthritis?
What are natural remedies for preventing and relieving osteoarthritis? Do you have stiffness, pain in your neck or your knees, or chronic inflammation? Do you, like millions of other French men and women, suffer from or are you at risk of osteoarthritis? Here are five simple, natural, and effective methods for relieving osteoarthritis pain.
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Five good reasons to consume turmeric
Widely-used in Indian cooking, this powerful spice offers a multitude of health benefits. Anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-nausea … turmeric is the health spice par excellence. Here are five good reasons to put it on your menu.
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10 tips to beat bloating
Say goodbye to swollen tummies, bloating and gas! Here are 10 ways to beat bloating and get back that flat stomach.
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