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Thinning Hair Treatment
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Thinning Hair Treatment
Care of skin, hair and nails
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99.00 €(100.67 US$) in stock
The cutting-edge treatment from Dr Peter Proctor for breathing new life and strength back into fragile hair
  • Developed by the American hair loss specialist.
  • High dose of NANO, the essential compound for vigorous hair.
  • Enriched with arginine, superoxide dismutase, and zinc and copper peptides for amazing efficacy.
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Woman with long and strong blond hair

Thinning Hair Treatment: Advanced formula for fragile hair

The result of the extensive expertise of eminent American medic Dr Peter Proctor, Thinning Hair Treatment is a benchmark product in high-performance hair care. Combining a number of innovative active agents, it is designed, in particular, for weakened, lifeless hair that needs an injection of vigour and radiance.

Dr Peter Proctor: at the cutting edge of hair loss solutions

With a double doctorate in pharmacology and medicine, Dr Peter Proctor is involved in numerous fields of research, from psychiatric biology to pharmacology and organic electronics. With a key interest in the effects of free radicals on human cells, he has shed light on the mechanisms of redox signalling, a specific mode of cell communication.

However, it is his work on treating hair loss which has today earned him a global reputation. In the course of his studies, he discovered the potential of molecules such as nitrone and nitroxide, and put his findings to good use in developing treatments designed to stem hair loss. Visionary and forward-thinking, his patent-protected anti-hair loss treatments are now the envy of major pharmaceutical laboratories.

Thinning Hair Treatment: a targeted remedy for restoring vigorous, radiant hair

Many hair treatments provide only modest results. Research has demonstrated how complex the mechanisms are that contribute to hair health, including as they do, hormonal balance, the immune system and oxidative stress.

Dr Proctor’s Thinning Hair Treatment provides the scalp with excellent and innovative compounds to restore strength and resistance to fragile hair:

  • pyridine-N-oxide 3-carboxylic acid: Dr Proctor’s ’signature’ compound, this molecule, NANO for short, is referred to as ‘natural minoxidil’ by hair professionals. It leaves hair looking stronger and healthier (1) ;
  • arginine: together with the NANO compounds, it increases EDRF levels (Endothelium-Derived Relaxing Factors) which improve blood flow to hair follicles. With better nourishment, the hair looks revitalised, shinier and more resistant (2) ;
  • superoxide dismutase: produced naturally by all living organisms, this enzyme is at the centre of large-scale scientific studies on cellular oxidation. One mouse study suggests it could also have a positive effect on greying of the hair (3) ;
  • zinc and copper peptides: these two essential trace-elements ensure good hair growth, softness and shine. They may also help to prevent grey hair (4-5).

We recommend applying 8-10 drops of this topical anti-hair loss treatment to the worst-affected areas of the scalp.

Hair loss: what actually happens?

Did you know that it’s completely natural to lose an average 100 hairs a day? Hair follicles follow a well-established cycle which takes place in three phases:

  • a growth phase (anagen);
  • a transition phase (catagen);
  • a resting and shedding phase (telogen)

Each hair lives for an average of 3 to 7 years, before falling out and being replaced by a new hair. In theory, we all have the capacity to ensure our hair is renewed in this way throughout life.

Unfortunately however, this capacity sometimes runs out prematurely, manifesting in extreme fragility of hair shafts, thinning of the hair, and eventually, hair loss from the top of the head. These are the first signs of alopecia (or baldness). It’s very common in men as they get older but can sometimes affect women too especially after the menopause.

The factors that contribute to hair loss are often multiple and hard to identify. There are, however three main influences:

  • heredity: hereditary-pattern baldness is common, though the predisposing gene, located on the X chromosome, is not passed on from father to son but by the mother. (6) ;
  • greater sensitivity to androgen hormones: testosterone is converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which binds to hair follicle receptors. The production cycle accelerates and hair ‘resources’ become rapidly exhausted (7) ;
  • physical or psychological trauma: a significant emotional shock (childbirth, miscarriage, emotional disorder …) can cause a form of temporary alopecia called telogen effluvium. This normally resolves itself within the space of a few months (8).

How can you stop hair loss naturally?

If you want to prevent, or put a stop to your hair loss, make sure you follow these simple tips:

  • avoid using a very hot hair dryer as extreme heat damages the hair shaft. Maintain a lower temperature by keeping a distance of around 15cm between the hair dryer and your scalp (9);
  • give your hair a rest. Rollers, flat irons or blow-drying all tend to damage hair fibres, while elastic bands and slides pull on the roots. If you’re not going out, let your hair dry naturally instead;
  • brush your hair gently, using a soft brush and holding each strand of hair between your fingers to avoid pulling too hard on the roots;
  • regularly massage your scalp. To stimulate hair re-growth, , give your scalp a fingertip massage (avoiding the temples) using circular movements, each time you wash your hair, for example (10);
  • adopt a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet, regular exercise and the elimination of toxins (smoking, alcohol …) will reduce oxidative stress and ensure your hair is well-nourished (11).

The best supplements for healthy, beautiful hair

As a bonus, certain supplements targeted at hair health can also provide valuable support:

  • also developed by Dr Proctor, Thinning Hair Shampoo acts synergistically with Thinning Hair Treatment to offer comprehensive and highly-effective hair care;
  • the result of many years’ research, the supplement Keranat™ uses an eponymous patented ingredient rich in bioactive plant compounds. It is also enriched with zinc and biotin which help maintain healthy hair (12).

For more information, read our article on the best dietary supplements for beautiful hair.

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Thinning Hair Treatment
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