Stress and Sleep
Relaxing Oil Blend + CBD-A
Relaxing Oil Blend + CBD-A


Relaxing Oil Blend + CBD-A
Synergistic combination of essential oils for promoting rest and relaxation
  • Combines the most effective essential oils for relieving tension,
  • Helps combat stress and anxiety,
  • Promotes restorative sleep without the risk of addiction.

CBD-A, a non-psychotropic cannabinoid
  • obtained from the juice of agricultural hemp;
  • acts on the endocannabinoid system (pain, appetite, learning …);
  • may strengthen immune defences;
  • is not addictive.

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Relaxing Oil Blend 75 mg

This formulation is a classic blend of chemotyped essential oils, aimed at promoting calm and relaxing the nerves. It helps combat the stresses of modern life and encourages restorative sleep without the need for sleeping pills. It acts on a range of symptoms: palpitations; feelings of oppression; irritability; nervous tension; agitation or over-stimulation; sleep problems; intrusive thoughts; stress ; nervous anticipation. Each softgel contains no fewer than 75 different active molecules - a long way from the type of synthetic pharmaceuticals which contain just four or five at the most. What are the essential oils in Relaxing Oil Blend? This synergistic formulation contains the following chemotyped essential oils: Essential oil of sweet marjoram , the main constituents of which are cis-thujanol and trans-thujanol. It is a powerful regulator of the central nervous system with anxiolytic (anxiety-relieving) properties, but is also used for its antiviral properties, its ability to regene...

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CBD-A, a compound extracted from agricultural hemp Our new dietary supplement CBD-A is formulated from an extract of agricultural hemp (Cannabis sativa L.). Though part of the botanical genus Cannabis, this plant should not be confused with the drug of the same name. Unlike the drug, it contains no psychotropic substances such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Our dietary supplement is obtained from agricultural hemp juice powder. Also known as industrial hemp, this is grown for its unique properties and multiple virtues. The benefits of hemp are today used in many fields including the textile, cosmetic and food industries as well as in phytotherapy. In the health sector, industrial hemp has been shown to have many benefits by virtue of a powerful, natural, active principle called cannabidiolic acid (CBD-A). CBD-A, a powerful, natural, active principle Industrial hemp has attracted scientific interest because of its cannabidiolic acid (CBD-A) content. The acid form of cannabidiol (CBD), t...

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