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Vitamin D deficiency: symptoms and solutions

Almost half the world’s population could be lacking in vitamin D! That’s the worrying conclusion that has emerged from a number of studies conducted over recent years. Deficiency in this vitamin is common even though it is absolutely essential for optimal functioning of the body. The good news is that such deficits can be prevented or corrected. The experts at SuperSmart have put together this update, summarising everything you need to know about this important vitamin: its roles in the body, its significance, the risks of inadequate levels, how to prevent and treat deficiency … When you’ve read the guide, feel free to share it with others to help lower the incidence of vitamin D deficiency.
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My health

Benefits of vitamins: the complete list!

Think you know all about vitamins and their benefits? Well this article might hold a few surprises for you! While certain vitamins are recognised the world over, others remain relatively unknown, despite offering multiple benefits for health. Vitamins act at various levels in the body and are involved in many functions. Hardly a month goes by without a new scientific study confirming how important they are for the healthy functioning of the body. To help you get a more complete picture, the experts at SuperSmart have put together this comprehensive guide on vitamins: how they’re defined, their roles, benefits, sources and the risks posed by deficiency …
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My health

The benefits of glutathione - the king of antioxidants!

Crowned the king of all antioxidants, glutathione is indeed an exceptional compound which nonetheless is often overlooked. Did you know, for example, that it plays a key role in the healthy functioning, equilibrium and defence of the body? A powerful natural antioxidant, a key anti-ageing substance, a detoxifying agent … the benefits of glutathione just go on and on! In this guide, the experts at SuperSmart will reveal everything you need to know about glutathione - its definition, indications and numerous functions within the body. Get ready to discover this important compound.
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