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Sport: 6 tips to get you motivated over the summer
My well-being

Sport: 6 tips to get you motivated over the summer

The sun’s shining, the weather’s stable, the temperature’s pleasant. The conditions are perfect for engaging in physical activity. But if the warm, sunny days are still not enough to motivate you, here are six excellent reasons to either take up or return to exercise over the summer months!

1. Stay in shape throughout the holiday season

Now summer’s here, it would be a shame to waste all the effort you’ve expended over the past few months on staying in trim. Given the many calorific temptations summer brings, engaging in sports activity will enable you to burn off fat and avoid gaining extra pounds.

Our helping hand: You may find the natural appetite-suppressant effects of certain products valuable in helping you to stay in shape over the coming months. For optimal efficacy, why not try the formulationAppetite Control Formula which combines three natural ingredients aimed at curbing appetite and reducing daily calorie intake.

2. Lose weight over the summer

Summer is the perfect time to not only get back on track in terms of a healthy, balanced diet, but to increase your physical activity and shed that surplus weight. With regular exercise, you’ll be able to burn excess fat, particularly around the stomach and thighs.

Our helping hand: Improving intestinal transit can give a significant boost to any weight loss regime. In particular, it promotes the elimination of fat and waste products from the body. To facilitate digestion and elimination, the probiotic Lactobacillus gasseri can be an important ally in maintaining the balance of your gut flora.

3. Discover a new sport

The summer season is the ideal time to discover a new outdoor sport. Wherever you live, there’s a myriad of possibilities. In rural settings, you can take advantage of the countryside to enjoy long walks, bike rides or horse riding. If you’re fan of the beach, you can combine lazing in the sun with a session of beach volley ball, football or tennis. In the sea, why not try stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, kayaking or windsurfing. And then there’s all the possibilities offered by the mountains – climbing, canyoning, mountain biking, summer tobogganing or paragliding.

Our helping hand: Sportswise, the best way of getting back - and staying - on track is to find something that really suits you. It’s best to try several types of activity to find the right one for you. To stay in shape throughout the year, it’s often a good idea to engage in a mixture of endurance exercise, muscle strengthening and flexibility activities.

4. Return to sport - gently

The long days and warm weather of summer offer perfect opportunities in which to take part in sports activities. But make sure your return to exercise is a gentle one. It’s not about setting unrealistic targets but about finding a pace of activity that suits your body.

Our helping hand: For a gentle return to sports activity, natural dietary supplements can help you prepare your body for physical exercise. One such supplement is extract of Cyanotis vaga standardised in beta-ecdysterone which has been shown to combat fatigue and boost the immune system.

5. Switch off naturally during the summer break

After months of intense workloads, summer is the time for relaxing, unwinding and tuning out. Doing nothing is one option but taking part in a sport is also an ideal way of forgetting your day-to-day worries and switching off. Some opt for relaxing activities such as yoga while others prefer extreme sports that push them to their limits. Whatever you choose, exercise is an excellent route to natural, rapid destressing.

Our helping hand: Even in the warm days of summer, it can be difficult to switch off completely. This is where the natural formulation Stress Relief Formula can help. It contains nutrients and natural extracts that act synergistically to combat the effects of stress.

6. Improve your sports performance

Why not capitalise on the summer months to boost your physical performance? It’s the perfect time for planning regular workouts to maintain your muscle strength, stamina and bone health. As well as increasing sports performance, regular exercise also supports the body’s general well-being.

Our helping hand: Engaging in intense exercise over the summer requires good preparation. Don’t forget to stay well-hydrated, perhaps by choosing an alkaline water such as SuperWater. You could also take advantage of the benefits of D-ribose for promoting energy production in the body and the invigorating effects of extract of Cordyceps sinensis.

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