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Liposomal Anti-Ageing Formula

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  • The best liposomal ‘anti-ageing’ supplement: an exclusive formula with high dosage and high bioavailability for optimal effectiveness.
  • High dose of NMN (130mg a day), fisetin (100mg a day) and spermidine (3mg a day).
  • Among the most widely-studied ingredients for regenerating cells and combatting senescent cells.
  • Liposomal NMN is the most direct precursor of NAD+, crucial for cellular health and longevity.
  • Levels of NAD+ and spermidine fall with age.
  • Liposomes protect the 3 ingredients from stomach acids and maximise their absorption in the gut.
  • Optimal liquid format for preserving the liposomes and a convenient dosing cap.
  • Pleasant fruit flavour (mango-lime).

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Liposomal Anti-Ageing Formula

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Liposomal Anti-Ageing Formula is a liquid, liposomal ‘anti-ageing’ supplement combining NMN, fisetin and spermidine. It is part of a series of recent scientific advances in the fight against ageing.

The liposomal method of encapsulation protects the 3 ingredients so that they reach the gut intact, ensuring maximum bioavailability.

This premium, high-strengthformulation is one of the flagship products in our Longevity category.

Composition and benefits of this NMN-rich liposomal supplement

Liposomal Anti-Ageing Formula benefits from a trio of exceptional and widely-studied ingredients:

  1. nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN). NMN is the most direct precursor of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), a coenzyme that plays a key role in cellular health: energy production, DNA repair, regulation of the cell lifecycle... Though the body’s levels of NAD+ decline with age, a number of studies suggest that supplementing with NMN is able to increase NAD+ levels, and may thus help increase cellular energy and delay ageing (1-4);
  2. fisetin. Fisetin is a powerful flavonoid, small amounts of which are naturally present in certain fruits and vegetables. It is attracting interest among researchers for its potential to counteract cell senescence. As a reminder, senescent cells are ‘zombie’ cells (still active but pro-inflammatory and unable to divide) which can accumulate in tissues and contribute to sagging skin, general ageing and the development of age-related disorders. Fisetin is being studied for its potential to eliminate these senescent cells by inhibiting the mTOR signalling pathway. Fisetin is also thought to promote autophagy, the process by which cells repair and recycle their components, thus helping to maintain cellular health and promote longevity (5-6);
  3. spermidine. Spermidine is a polyamine found naturally in all living beings, which plays an essential role in maintaining balance in cells. It too, may stimulate the mechanism of autophagy, in this case, by inhibiting acetyltransferase EP300. Like NAD+, the body’s levels of spermidine fall over time – which may be a significant factor in the rise of the degenerative, metabolic and infectious disorders seen in the elderly (7-9).

The strengths of this liposomal ‘anti-ageing’ supplement

Liposomal Anti-Ageing Formula is notable for:

  • its exclusive formulation: it brings together three of the most widely-recognised ingredients in the fields of anti-ageing, cellular energy and regeneration, senescence and autophagy, including the renowned liposomal NMN;
  • its powerful dose: one measuring cap a day provides 130mg de nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), 100mg of fisetin and 3mg of spermidine;
  • its liposomal encapsulation: its three ingredients are all contained within liposomes. These phospholipid vesicles protect the ingredients from gastric juices and digestive enzymes, optimise their passage across the intestinal wall and facilitate their movement through the body. This liposomal form thus ensures maximum bioavailability and efficacy. This is particularly important for NMN and fisetin, where uptake is not always obvious (10);
  • its liquid form: the delicate structure of the liposomes is particularly well-preserved when suspended in liquid. In addition, the convenient dosing cap is quick to use and makes it easy to adhere to the recommended dose;
  • and its pleasant taste: the supplement has a pleasant, mango and lime fruity flavour.

What is in it Liposomal Anti-Ageing Formula

Nicotinamide mononucleotide
Organic compound

Any questions?

What causes cellular senescence?

Cellular senescence is primarily the result of damage to DNA, shortening of telomeres or activation of oncogenes which cause cells to stop dividing. These processes are themselves often due to metabolic imbalances, oxidative stress, exposure to radiation, etc.

Though senescence acts as a protective mechanism against cell dysfunction, over time it can lead to the accumulation of harmful zombie cells which the body has difficulty eliminating and which precipitates ageing (11-14).

Longevity: what can we do to fight ageing naturally?

It’s possible to slow down the ageing process by adopting an all-round healthy lifestyle:

  • eat a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, with plenty of highly-coloured fruits and vegetables (15) ;
  • stop smoking, cut down on alcohol and reduce your exposure to pollutants (16);
  • engage in regular, moderate exercise to delay loss of muscle mass and prevent immunosenescence (ageing of the immune system): walking, swimming, yoga, weight-training … (17);
  • to maintain young-looking skin and prevent wrinkles, avoid repeated exposure to UV rays, stay well-hydrated (drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day) and use appropriate anti-ageing skincare products (18) ;
  • minimise your exposure to sources of stress, which are strongly-believed to accelerate the ageing process (19).
Are there any risks associated with taking nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN)?

Animal and human studies have shown no association between supplementing with NMN and any notable adverse effects. One such study showed that administering NMN to wild mice for a 12-month period reduced their age-related physiological decline with no apparent toxicity (20).

Nonetheless, it’s advisable to both adhere to the recommended dose to prevent any risk of overdosing, and to keep the supplement refrigerated as it is less stable at room temperature.

Which other supplements can be combined with liposomal NMN?

Alongside NMN liposomal, you can also take other liposomal supplements such as liposomal glutathione, a powerful endogenous antioxidant (try Liposomal Glutathione) and liposomal quercetin, a flavonoid widely studied for its potential effects on immunity (try Liposomal Quercetin) (21).

For a refocused action on telomeres (the protective tips of DNA which shorten with age), it’s best to combine NMN liposomal with cycloastragenol and astragaloside IV, two substances obtained from astragalus, or try the targeted, all-in-one supplement Telomeres Maintenance Formula (22-23).

Ageing also makes the body less effective at neutralising the free radicals responsible for oxidative stress: excess numbers of these radicals can damage cells. Active compounds such as alpha-lipoic acid, L-ergothioneine and N-acetylcysteine are being studied for their potential to support cellular health (24-26).

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