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CBD Spray

CBD oral spray, free from THC

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A CBD supplement in oral spray form for rapid pain relief
  • 10mg of cannabidiol (CBD) per daily dose.
  • Helps relieve pain (chronic, muscular, joint…)
  • Helps reduce inflammation and promote relaxation.
  • For spraying under the tongue. The spray crosses the mucous membranes and directly enters the bloodstream for fast, optimal absorption.
  • Contains no psychoactive substance (THC).
  • Has a refreshing peppermint taste.

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CBD Spray

No controversial excipients
No sweeteners

CBD Spray is a cannabidiol supplement in the form of an oral spray to be applied under the tongue. It helps to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, promote relaxation and protect neural function.

The CBD in this high-quality supplement crosses the mucous membranes almost instantly, resulting in rapid, optimal absorption by the body. CBD Spray also provides a significantly higher CBD intake than standard supplements, and boasts an exemplary safety profile.

What exactly is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD as it’s more commonly known, is a phytocannabinoid found in hemp (Cannabis sativa). Phytocannabinoids are metabolites produced by the plant to help it survive and withstand external attack.

Humans are able to capture some of these compounds, including cannabidiol, by means of cannabinoid receptors. In fact, the human body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS), a communication network which supports many physiological processes.

Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), another hemp phytocannabinoid, CBD has no narcotic properties.

The benefits of CBD Spray

The benefits of CBD Spray

The product CBD Spray provides an excellent intake of cannabidiol (CBD), with each spray delivering 10mg of CBD.

The interaction between CBD and two key receptors of the endocannabinoid system (CB1 and CB2) produces multiple benefits for health, as has been observed by numerous scientific studies in recent years. We now know that CBD has the following properties:

  • analgesic (pain-relieving). Several studies have demonstrated its efficacy for chronic pain in particular (1-3) ;
  • anti-inflammatory. CBD helps to reduce levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines (4-6);
  • anti-migraine. Research has shown an association between a reduction in migraine frequency and intensity and consumption of phytocannabinoids (7-8);
  • relaxing, anxiolytic and sleep-inducing. CBD affects regions of the brain involved in the neurobiology of several cerebral problems such as persistent stress and anxiety (9-10);
  • antipsychotic and neuroprotective. CBD plays a role in increasing adenosine levels in the brain, which is associated with neuroprotection (11-12);
  • antioxidant, immunomodulatory, anti-angiogenic, cardioprotective(13-16), etc.

Why choose a CBD supplement in spray form?

The sublingual spray ensures faster absorption of the CBD than is the case with standard capsules. When administered via an oral spray, the active ingredients in cannabidiol cross the buccolingual mucous membranes to enter the bloodstream directly, unaffected by the digestive process. This spray delivery method thus offers optimal efficacy, with effects normally starting to be felt around ten minutes after absorption.

The spray format is also very convenient for everyday use: you don’t need a glass of water to take it. CBD Spray can be used at any time of day, even when you’re outdoors.

And unlike capsules, this oral CBD spray has a refreshing mint taste.

How to use your oral CBD spray

To take CBD Spray, simply shake the bottle, remove the cap and spray once under your tongue. Try to keep the substance in your mouth for a minute before swallowing.

Depending on the effects obtained, you can re-use the spray several times during the day or night.

Does CBD Spray have any side-effects?

CBD Spray has an excellent safety profile :

  • firstly, the cannabis used contains no THC and thus induces no psychoactive effect in the consumer;
  • in addition, the CBD does not produce any adverse side-effects – there are no changes to the body’s heart rate, blood pressure or temperature;
  • it does not lead to cannabinoid addiction;
  • after a few hours, the CBD in CBD Spray is naturally excreted in urine, in a metabolised form.

What is in CBD Spray

Cannabidiol (CBD)
Molecule / Molecular complex

Any questions?

How is this cannabidiol produced?

The CBD in this supplement is obtained via an alternative plant extraction method which uses supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2 SC). This process eliminates all solvent residues and preserves the hemp’s heat-sensitive molecules. CO2 SC is a healthy, odourless, colourless and 100% ecological compound.

7 tips for relieving pain naturally

Arthritis, sciatica, backache, muscle pain, joint discomfort, toothache, migraine, wounds ... Whatever the cause, if you’re keen to eliminate your pain or restore your inner equilibrium, it’s well worth trying these excellent natural painkilling aids:

  1. in the event of a trauma or accident, apply an ice pack to the painful, warm and inflamed area for 15 minutes;
  2. If your pain is not due to a trauma or accident, apply heat instead. Place a hot water bottle wrapped in a cloth on the painful area for 15 minutes;
  3. for a migraine, lie down in a quiet room, cover your eyes and place a cold, damp flannel over your forehead;
  4. more generally, a soothing massage with essential oils will relax tissues and get rid of any tension, helping to reduce your pain;
  5. if you’re able to, take some moderate-intensity exercise to release endorphins, neurotransmitters known to be powerful natural painkillers. You could opt for power-walking, cycling, swimming, flexibility exercises … Try to complete two to three sessions a day of between 10 and 20 minutes for effective pain relief (17);
  6. relax by doing meditation or yoga, for example. Relaxation is an effective way to lower your stress levels, a factor which can trigger or exacerbate pain;
  7. modify your diet to eat more spinach, green beans, peppers, bilberries, nuts, oily fish, seeds, and spices … and less processed food, sugar, refined cereals, processed desserts, palm oil, overcooked food, charcuterie, and alcohol … as they can have pro-inflammatory effects (18-19).
Supplements to combine with your oral CBD spray

Alongside CBD Spray, we’d also recommend starting a course of Super Curcuma. This patented turmeric extract (Meriva®) is 29 times more absorbable than standard turmeric supplements. Standardised to 20% curcuminoids (the plant’s most active ingredients), Super Curcuma helps fight pain and inflammation. It supports muscle and joint comfort, nervous system function, immune system efficacy and healthy lung function (20-21).

You could also try the excellent supplement Luteolin, a natural flavone extracted from peanut shells. Luteolin is part of the flavonoid family, the natural pigments that give plants their colour. More than 2000 published studies have demonstrated luteolin’s unique anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-ageing properties (22-24).


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Excellent 5 Reviews

july 1 2024

Me permet de déstresser et de bien dormir. Parfait pour moi, attendre quelques jours pour une efficacité optimale

Allows me to de-stress and sleep well. Perfect for me, wait a few days for optimal effectiveness

see the translation Translated by SuperSmart - see the original

Mme Fischer

january 13 2024

Je le recommande

I recommend it

see the translation Translated by SuperSmart - see the original

Heyraud Ariane

december 8 2023

Selon les personnes, ça marche ou cela ne marche pas. Ca reste cher,

Depending on the person, it works or it doesn't. It's still expensive.

see the translation Translated by SuperSmart - see the original

Ducret Olivier

october 31 2023

Effet désiré, calme bien et rapidement

Desired effect, calms well and quickly

see the translation Translated by SuperSmart - see the original

Vidal Pierre

october 3 2023

moyennement efficace mais pratique

moderately effective but convenient

see the translation Translated by SuperSmart - see the original

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