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Welcome Shop by health concern Anti-ageing Anti-Glycation Formula
Anti-Glycation Formula
Anti-Glycation Formula Anti-Glycation Formula
Anti-Glycation Formula
Anti-ageing Customer reviews
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Cutting-edge anti-ageing formula
  • Designed to inhibit the effects of glycation on ageing.
  • Based on the very latest research.
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    120 Veg. Caps
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    Anti-Glycation Formula | Anti-Glycation Supplement

    Anti-Glycation Formula provides the elements that work synergistically to combat and inhibit the unwelcome effects of glycation.

    What is Glycation?

    Glycation is a process that involves the denaturation of proteins. It is believed to be a significant factor in accelerating the whole ageing process, both at a physical and cellular level. Protein glycation, sometimes called caramelisation, occurs when a sugar reacts with a protein, resulting in glycated proteins which can neither be destroyed nor released by the cells in which they accumulate. This can lead to tissue, cell and vascular damage, all of which are selective markers of ageing.

    What are the ingredients in Anti-Glycation Formula?

    Along with following basic healthy eating guidelines, it is essential to ingest elements that can specifically protect against glycation:

    • Carnosine: di-peptide combination of two amino acids (beta alanine and L-histidine) present in the brain, muscles and other tissues. Concentration of carnosine needs to be fairly high for it to resist destruction by the enzyme carnosinase.
    • Benfotiamine: a derivative of vitamin B1, or thiamine. Both water- and fat-soluble, it is a much more absorbable form which passes easily through cell membranes. It is beneficial in treating diabetes-related peripheral neuropathy and has a significant inhibitory effect on AGE (Advanced Glycation End) products and provides effective protection for ocular health, the nervous system and blood vessels, all of which are particularly vulnerable.
    • Aminoguanidine: along with carnosine, benfotiamine and pyridoxamine, has glycation-fighting properties. Its favourable effect on blood coagulation helps increase collagen density in the blood vessels, while its sugar and fat metabolism-regulating properties make it an extremely useful element.
    • L-histidine: helps increase carnosine absorption, and by countering the effect of carnosinase, helps protect cell proteins (in the veins, brain, skin and kidneys).
    • Sodium R lipoate: the natural form of lipoic acid, protects antioxidants and mitochondria. It also protects neurons by encouraging production of acetylcholine, a key neurotransmitter.
    • Guava leaf (Psidium guajava): is an inhibitor of AGE products, LDL, glycation and cholesterol.
    • Extract of yerba mate leaf: containing caffeic acid, can inhibit up to 95% of AGE products.
    • Pyridoxamine: combats the formation of atheromatous plaque and prevents damage to DNA.
    • Banaba extract: (see our formulation Glucofit) prevents sugar remaining in cells from being converted into fat. Its effect is related to its corosolic acid content (1%).
    Daily dose : 4 capsules
    Number of doses per pack : 30
    Amount per dose
    L-carnosine 1000 mg
    Benfotiamine 120 mg
    Aminoguanidine 100 mg
    L-histidine 88 mg
    Sodium R-lipoate 80 mg
    Guava leaf extract 4:1 80 mg
    Yerba mate leaf extract 4:1 60 mg
    Pyridoxamine 60 mg
    Banaba leaf extract (1% corosolic acid) 10 mg
    Other ingredients : Acacia gum, rice flour.
    Directions for use
    adults. Take two vegetarian capsules twice a day, with or in between meals.

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    Anti-Glycation Formula
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