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Good health is not simply the absence of disease or infirmity. It’s a state of complete physical, mental and emotional well-being . You’ve no doubt noticed that in today’s society, it’s not always recovering from a serious disease that’s the hardest thing, but maintaining a state of complete health ...

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Are SuperSmart’s products really more expensive than those of other companies?

In health more than any other sector, the ‘cheapest’ inevitably ends up costing more. Poor quality supplements may be less expensive but in the long run, your health will pay the price.

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Why are the product descriptions and information sometimes so difficult to read?

Clear, transparent and documented information is the key to making educated choices. There are so many schools of thought and fanciful theories on nutrition-related matters that we have always made scientific information an absolute priority. But this no easy task. Nutrition and biochemistry are complex subjects which are difficult to communicate in lay language without compromising on scientific rigour. It’s why so few health professionals attempt it, forcing consumers interested in nutrition to search almost surreptitiously for information themselves.

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Where are your products manufactured and dispatched from?

We make around 60% of our products in the United States and 40% in Europe. Despite the unfavourable exchange rate, the American market remains by far and away the global benchmark for nutritional supplementation and we develop many products there that we simply wouldn’t be able to in Europe. Our main distribution centre is in the Netherlands, with a second centre in the US. Our administration and customer services have been located in Luxembourg for more than 15 years. This set-up is admittedly rather complex but it gives us flexibility, resilience and reliability.

Do your products contain allergens?

The most common dietary allergies involve foods that feature widely in our diet, such as eggs, milk, nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, cashew nuts…), shellfish, peanuts, celery, etc. These are all included on an EU regulations list of common allergens, and we are committed to alerting customers when they are present in our supplements.

As we are keen to offer you natural-source ingredients, some of our supplements unsurprisingly contain ingredients included on this list. Our krill oil supplement obviously contains shellfish, just as our excellent supplement Celery 3nb contains celery seeds. That’s precisely why they’re so popular.

Rest assured, however, that you’ll never find any synthetic allergens in our excipients.