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Sponsorship !

Would you like to tell your friends or family about Supersmart? With our referral programme, everyone wins! Anyone you refer to the Supersmart website gets a discount of €20 on any order worth at least €100. Once their order is confirmed, you’ll also receive a €20 discount. Why wait! There’s no limit to the number of people you can refer!

20€ off for you
20€ off for your friend
when you refer a friend

How does it work ?

1. Invite your friends
Recommend someone you know by providing him with your sponsorship code which can be found in your account under “Sponsorship”.
2. Registration of your sponsee
Your sponsee needs to register an account using the sponsorship code you have given him Under “Optional Code”.
3. Purchase by your sponsee
Upon registration your sponsee will receive a promotion* with a €20 rebate which he can use when he makes a purchase of € 100 or more.
4. Check your emails
We will send you an email confirming your sponsee’s purchase, together with a €20 promotion* which you can use on your next order of €100 or more.
5. Invite more friends
There is no limit for how many people you can sponsor.