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Welcome Shop by health concern Care of joints, bones and muscles Super Boswellia 100 mg
Super Boswellia dietary supplement, 20% AKBA
Super Boswellia dietary supplement, 20% AKBA
0115Super Boswellia dietary supplement, 20% AKBASize
Sans nano-particulesSans glutenVegan
Super Boswellia 100 mg
Care of joints, bones and muscles
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34.00 €(39.44 US$) Limited quantity
Super Boswellia is the last generation Boswellia serrata supplement (AprèsFlex™) for optimising joint health.
  • Helps reduce inflammation.
  • Helps restore joint comfort.
  • Standardised to 20% AKBA (the most active principle).
  • 50% better absorbed than standard extracts.
60 Veg. Caps
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Boswellia tree and resin

Super Boswellia: Natural Extract with 20% AKBA - Reviews, Dosage

Super Boswellia is a 100% natural Boswellia Serrata supplement for improving comfort of the joints. Its enrichment with active principles (20% AKBA) and superior absorption make it one of the best supplements on the market, along with Joint Support Formula.

Who is Super Boswellia aimed at?

Super Boswellia is designed for several groups of people:

  • Those suffering from joint pain or stiffness.
  • Those experiencing discomfort in particular joints.
  • Those with inflammation (in the joints or elsewhere).
  • Those affected by decreasing flexibility in certain joints.

What is Boswellia serrata?

Boswellia serrata is a tree indigenous to India, the Middle East and Africa which belongs to the Burseraceare family. The resin it produces is one of the most popular natural health products available today, especially with those plagued by joint problems.

An oleo-gum resin known as ‘olibanum’ or ‘incense’ is produced by resin-secretory structures in the tree, and tapped from incisions made on its trunk. This resin solidifies on contact with air and releases a pleasant scent when burned. It is teardrop-shaped, around 2cm in diameter, amber-brown in colour with a very brittle consistency.

It is held in particular esteem by the world’s principal traditional systems of medicine. In Ayurvedic medicine, it is known as ‘Salaï Guggul’ or ‘Shallaki Guggul’.

Super Boswellia is formulated to contain up to 20% AKBA, a much higher than normal level. It is made from the Boswellia serrata tree, as this is the richest source of AKBA. Extract of Boswellia serrata generally consists of 5-10% essential oil (including primarily α-pinene, α-thuyene, myrcene and sabinene), and also importantly, four boswellic acids including AKBA and KBA, the tree’s major active principles.

Where does Boswellia serrata come from? How is Super Boswellia made?

The Boswellia serrata tree grows mainly in the dry regions of India, tropical Africa and the southern Arabian peninsula (Yemen, Oman). In summer or autumn, a few months after deep incisions have been made in the tree’s bark, the oleoresin gum is collected. Once it has solidified in the open air, it is scraped off as amber-coloured teardrops and the collected resin is then made into a dry extract and produced in vegetarian capsules. Trees from the Boswellia species cannot go on producing good quality resin indefinitely: after three consecutive years of harvesting, they must be allowed to ‘rest’ for a few years.

Super Boswellia is produced by the Laila Impex Research Centre, in India, an establishment recognised by the country’s Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) and affiliated to a number of university programmes.

What are Boswellia serrata’s mechanisms of action?

Boswellia serrata was used by the Persians, Greeks, Romans, Indians, Chinese and other civilisations for ‘purifying the soul of the departed’ during ceremonial rituals, as well as for its medicinal properties. Ayurvedic texts credit its use with a wide range of benefits, especially improving joint health.

These benefits are due to the two ingredients mentioned above, KBA and AKBA. A number of in vitro studies show that KBA and AKBA inhibit 5-lipoxygenase (5-LO), an enzyme which plays a role in inflammation and thus joint discomfort. AKBA is potentially the more effective of the two because of its acetyl group which gives it greater affinity with 5-LO. Other mechanisms of action are also under investigation (TNF, IL-1, MMP3…).

Frequently-asked questions from internet-users

How does Super Boswellia compare with other such supplements?

Super Boswellia has been specifically enriched with AKBA, the boswellic acid with the most pronounced effect on 5-LO. While many supplements are produced from other Boswellia species such as Boswellia carterii, Boswellia frereana and Boswellia bhau-dajiana, Super Boswellia is made from Boswellia serrata, the richest source of boswellic acid.

What’s more, it has been shown to be better absorbed (by around 52%) than other extracts on the market.

Why is the boswellia not grown in Europe?

It is not possible to harvest from boswellia grown in Europe because the overly-humid conditions produce a coating on the resin which makes its extraction very difficult and causes the resin to be impermeable to solvents.

Do the incisions made on the trunk cause serious damage to the tree?

Boswellia is a robust tree which can easily withstand the cuts made to the bark when harvesting the resin. Having said that, it has to be allowed to rest for several years after three consecutive years of harvesting.

What is the preferred dose?

The suggested daily dose is one 100g capsule, to be taken with the most substantial meal of the day.

With which other supplements can Super Boswellia be combined?

While the bioavailability of boswellic acid is relatively low, it can be significantly increased by combining it with lipids. Eating food that’s high in fat (the healthy kind, of course) will thus increase the absorption of Super Boswellia, which is why it’s advisable to take it with a meal.

Turmeric/curcuma supplements such as Natural Curcuma and Super Curcuma also help reduce inflammation and combining them with boswellia is likely to have a synergistic effect. There are two other supplements available to buy at Supersmart worth mentioning here: Smart joints cream a topical cream for the joints based on boswellia and eucalyptus, and UC II® 10 mg, a undenatured type II collagen supplement.



This product should not be used as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. It’s important to follow the guidelines on how to take it and the recommended dose, and to use it by the ‘best before’ date. It is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or for children under 15. Keep out of children’s reach. Store in a cool, dry place.

Buy Super Boswellia capsules to support joint health.

Daily dose : 1 capsules
Nombre de doses par boîte : 60
Amount per dose
[Extract of Boswellia serrata standardised to 20 % 3-0-acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid (AKBA)]
100 mg
Other ingredients :Acacia gum, rice flour.
AprèsFlex™, PL Thomas, USA.
Directions for use
Adults. Take one capsule a day.
4.3 /5 11 reviews
4.6 / 5
4.6 / 5
Value for money
4.3 / 5

Reviews 11
73 %

A real good natural anti pain.
I suffer from my right shoulder which is really damaged inside, then
I take one in the morning and thats all.
No after effects

Annie D-F
Ce produit a été extrêmement efficace pour mes douleurs articulaires des épaules. Elles ont tout simplement disparu... Un soulagement sans précédent par rapport à tous les "traitements de choc" qu'a pu me prescrire mon médecin. Sans compter toutes les radios que j'ai pu passer sur lesquelles "on ne voyait rien" alors que je ne pouvais plus lever les bras pour me coiffer...!
A essayer absolument.

Monique R.
Efficace, aide dans la gestion des douleurs chroniques
Madame marie pierre Rebot
Pas d amelioration pour moi
Client Claudio - Suisse
Produit qui tiens ses promesses
très bien mais un peu cher

exellent anti.douleur et anti inflammatoire-

efficacité supérieure à certains médicaments conventionnels
J'attendais beaucoup de ce produit en terme de réduction quasi immédiate de la douleur, peut-être ne l'ai-je pas pris assez longtemps
Henri (de Waterloo)
Ma petite-fille qui a de gros problèmes de coxathrose s'en dit satisfaite.
diminue les douleurs articulaires
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  2. Abdel-Tawab M, Werz O et al. Boswellia serrata : an overall assessment of in vitro, preclinical, pharmacokinetic and clinical data. Clin Pharmacokinet. Juin 2011 ;50(6) :349-369.
  3. Siddiqui MZ. Boswellia serrata, a potential antiinflammatory agent : an overview. Indian J Pharm Sci. 2011 ;73(3) :255-261.
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Synergy packs

Super Boswellia dietary supplement, 20% AKBA
Super Boswellia 100 mg
The essential painkiller for improving joint flexibility and comfort
34.00 €(39.44 US$)
4.5 11 reviews
UC II® Supplement
UC II® 10 mg
The dose and form supported by Harvard clinical studies!
55.00 €(63.80 US$)
5 8 reviews
Pack "Super Boswellia + UC-II 10 mg"
89.00 €(103.23 US$)
Super Boswellia dietary supplement, 20% AKBA
Super Boswellia 100 mg
The essential painkiller for improving joint flexibility and comfort
34.00 €(39.44 US$)
4.5 11 reviews
Smart Joints Cream
Smart Joints Cream
Glucosamine, MSM, Boswellia and salycilate for fast, localized action
39.00 €(45.24 US$)
4 1 reviews
Pack "Super Boswellia + Smart Joints Cream"
68.29 €(79.21 US$)
Super Boswellia dietary supplement, 20% AKBA
Super Boswellia 100 mg
The essential painkiller for improving joint flexibility and comfort
34.00 €(39.44 US$)
4.5 11 reviews
Super Curcuma Supplement
Super Curcuma 500 mg
Curcuma phytosomes with higher bioavailability
New patented curcuma extract, 29 times more bioavailable !
47.00 €(54.52 US$)
5 26 reviews
Pack "Super Boswellia + Super Curcuma"
81.00 €(93.95 US$)
Super Boswellia dietary supplement, 20% AKBA
Super Boswellia 100 mg
The essential painkiller for improving joint flexibility and comfort
34.00 €(39.44 US$)
4.5 11 reviews
CBD Balm 7%
CBD Balm 7%
The best CBD balm for easing everyday pain
38.00 €(44.08 US$)
4.5 8 reviews
Pack "CBD Balm + Super Boswellia"
72.00 €(83.51 US$)
Super Boswellia dietary supplement, 20% AKBA
Super Boswellia 100 mg
The essential painkiller for improving joint flexibility and comfort
34.00 €(39.44 US$)
4.5 11 reviews
Hyaluronic Acid Supplement
Hyaluronic Acid 150 mg
High molecular weight hyaluronic acid for improved comfort and elasticity
21.00 €(24.36 US$)
4.5 5 reviews
Pack "Hyaluronic Acid + Super Boswellia"
55.00 €(63.80 US$)
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Super Boswellia 100 mg
34.00 €
(39.44 US$)
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