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SuperSmart has chosen to offer you the very best products on the market, and as you know, quality comes at a price. The use of patented ingredients supported by clinical studies, high-quality raw materials, and numerous cutting-edge manufacturing processes (freeze-drying of extracts, gastro-resistant capsules, double extraction, sustained release …) naturally influences the cost of our supplements.

But while no-one is prepared to sacrifice their health by choosing the cheapest product, it’s nonetheless logical to want the best product for the lowest possible outlay. This section of our website enables you to purchase our supplements at lower-than-normal prices on a regular basis.
Discover new promotions every day, and make sure you don’t miss out on our four big sales of the year: the winter sales in January, ‘Smart Days’ in the spring, the summer sales at the beginning of July, and Black Friday in November.

Acetyl L Carnitine ArginateAcetyl L Carnitine Arginate
Superior molecular combination of acetyl-l-carnitine and l-arginine
100 vegetarian capsules
28.60 €44.00 €(30.25 US$)Add to basket
Advanced Zinc LozengesAdvanced Zinc Lozenges
Excellent zinc lozenge supplement which helps boost the immune system
90 lozenges
13.05 €29.00 €(13.80 US$)Add to basket
Appetite Control FormulaAppetite Control Formula
A natural aid to reducing food consumption
60 Veg. Caps.
24.75 €55.00 €(26.18 US$)Add to basket
The best immunostimulant for fighting infections and corrupted cells
60 Veg. Caps
22.50 €45.00 €(23.80 US$)Add to basket
Beta 1.3/1.6 GlucanBeta 1.3/1.6 Glucan
A powerful immunostimulant with clinically proven properties.
60 Veg. Caps250 mg
27.30 €42.00 €(28.88 US$)Add to basket
Bone Morphogenetic ProteinsBone Morphogenetic Proteins
Cyplexinol® For complete regeneration of the osteo-articular system
30 DR Caps™
43.55 €67.00 €(46.07 US$)Add to basket
Combined linoleic acid: the anti-fat lipidic!
120 softgels
16.20 €27.00 €(17.14 US$)Add to basket
Catuaba PowerCatuaba Power
A plant with aphrodisiac and stimulant effects
120 Veg. Caps.
21.45 €33.00 €(22.69 US$)Add to basket
Inhibits aromatisation of testosterone into oestrogens
90 tabs
35.75 €55.00 €(37.81 US$)Add to basket
Daily BoosterDaily Booster
Optimised formulation with PQQ Advanced anti-ageing formulation - to take alongside your usual multivitamin supplement
90 tablets
35.75 €55.00 €(37.81 US$)Add to basket
Horse Chestnut ExtractHorse Chestnut Extract
Improves blood circulation in the legs
60 Veg. Caps
14.30 €22.00 €(15.13 US$)Add to basket
Inositol Hexanicotinate (IHN)Inositol Hexanicotinate (IHN)
Improved, safer, ‘no-flush' form of niacin
90 Veg. Caps
18.20 €28.00 €(19.25 US$)Add to basket
Muscle Relaxing FormulaMuscle Relaxing Formula
Natural universal remedy for effective relief of muscle pain
180 Veg. Caps
32.40 €54.00 €(34.27 US$)Add to basket
Anti-ageing substance for supporting all the body’s functions
60 Gastro-resistant veg caps
19.80 €33.00 €(20.94 US$)Add to basket
Notoginseng 200 mgNotoginseng 200 mg
Powerful and natural cardiac stimulant (75% notoginsenosides)
60 Veg. Caps.
44.85 €69.00 €(47.44 US$)Add to basket
Oil Of OreganoOil Of Oregano
Oil of oregano standardised 70% carvacrol, with broad-spectrum, anti-infection properties.
120 Softgels
17.55 €27.00 €(18.56 US$)Add to basket
Palmitoleic AcidPalmitoleic Acid
A purified form of omega-7 to help combat type II diabetes, atherosclerosis and metabolic syndrome.
60 Softgels
42.25 €65.00 €(44.69 US$)Add to basket
Natural form of vitamin B6, powerful glycation inhibitor
60 Veg. Caps
18.85 €29.00 €(19.94 US$)Add to basket
Broad-spectrum, systemic detoxifier
120 Veg. Caps.
27.95 €43.00 €(29.56 US$)Add to basket
The most effective and best-researched phytonutrient for maintaining and protecting health
90 vegicaps
29.90 €46.00 €(31.63 US$)Add to basket
Double dose : 60,000 IU of serratia peptidase per capsule. Now in gastroresistant DR caps™
90 DR Caps™
25.35 €39.00 €(26.81 US$)Add to basket
Smart PillsSmart Pills
An exceptional formulation for stimulating the brain (nootropic)
90 Veg. Caps.
22.75 €35.00 €(24.06 US$)Add to basket
More active and bioavailable form of CoQ10
60 Softgels
53.95 €83.00 €(57.07 US$)Add to basket
Weight Loss BoosterWeight Loss Booster
Speeds up weight loss via complementary mechanisms
60 Veg. Caps
20.15 €31.00 €(21.31 US$)Add to basket
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