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1. To see a product information notice click on its name.
To modify a quantity, fill in the "quantity"column with the desired number. You can also delete a reference by clicking on the "X" link of the line.
2. To add products, you can click on the "continue shopping" key (to return to the last category you consulted) or use your navigator's "back" key (to go back to the last page you left).
3. When you have selected all the items you wish to order, click on the "confirm my order and pay" key to confirm your order.
If you already are a customer or a member of Club Supersmart do not forget to identify yourself with your login and password to avoid entering your personal data and to activate the special Club member's discount.
If you are not registered yet, please click on : register now.
If you have forgetten your password, click on this link forgetten password you will receive it by email.
Go to this page to find out the details of the procedure to follow if you forget your password.
Go to this page if you are using the Microsoft Edge browser and are constantly logged out of SuperSmart.
4. Complete your name and address. You can choose a delivery address.
5. Select your delivery option. Please note that a phone number is necessary for the "Express" option.

6. Select your method of payment: credit card or cheque (online or by mail). Your credit card data are transmitted crypted to Checkout.com (see "Security" )
NB. Please note that for payments by cheques, shipments will only be made after payment is cleared and this may delay your delivery by an additional 7 to 12 days.