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Welcome Ingredients Chromium


Are you looking for the very best chromium supplement? Here you’ll find a selection of Supersmart’s most effective products for supporting weight loss, controlling blood sugar levels naturally and preventing cardiovascular disease. The presence of chromium in the body helps decrease fat production, reduces high cholesterol levels and restricts weight gain.

Of particular note are these three exceptional chromium-containing supplements, aimed at aiding weight loss: Advanced Fat Burner, a formulation for shifting those stubborn, unwanted pounds, Carbo Defense, a supplement for combatting the adverse effects of carbohydrates, and Metadrine, a powerful thermogenic formula.

Advanced Fat BurnerAdvanced Fat Burner

Lose those extra inches with the help of the latest scientific advances

69.00 €(80.29 US$)
0 No reviews
Carbo DefenseCarbo Defense

Synergistic formulation for optimizing glucose metabolism

38.35 €59.00 €(44.62 US$)
4.5 10 reviews
Daily 2® Timed ReleaseDaily 2® Timed Release

Multivitamin formulation with sustained release

41.00 €(47.71 US$)
5 13 reviews
Daily 3®Daily 3®

The most complete multivitamin supplement you can take in a single capsule

49.00 €(57.02 US$)
5 264 reviews
Daily 6®Daily 6®

Contains 54 ingredients! An exceptionally broad spectrum multi-nutrient for optimal health.

89.00 €(103.56 US$)
5 16 reviews
Indium Energy 24 mgIndium Energy 24 mg

Stimulating and rejuvenating trace mineral !

69.00 €(80.29 US$)
5 2 reviews
Life Extension Mix™Life Extension Mix™

94 different nutrients!

99.00 €(115.20 US$)
5 3 reviews

Advanced thermogenic formulation, improved and strengthened

58.00 €(67.49 US$)
5 2 reviews
MultiMineral ComplexMultiMineral Complex

Complete, balanced, bioavailable mineral formulation Essential minerals at effective doses, in the most bioavailable forms

29.00 €(33.74 US$)
5 4 reviews
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© 1997-2021 Supersmart.com®
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