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Dietary Supplements for strengthening nails


Tired of seeing your nails striped, soft, or brittle? Would you like to restore their strength and shine? SuperSmart has developed exceptional formulas to support and strengthen your nails. Discover the best dietary supplements for taking care of your nails.

Zinc, for example, contributes to the maintenance of normal nails by helping to stimulate the production of keratin (Zinc Orotate is a highly bioavailable source of zinc). Our ultimate supplement for nails, Hair & Nails Formula, combines many interesting ingredients, including zinc and patented soluble keratin.

Other treatments to strengthen nails are also popular with our customers. The dietary supplement Iron Bisglycinate is the solution for ferritin deficits that can impact nail health (to be taken only in the case of a proven iron deficiency). You can also boost your calcium levels with Calcium Orotate, a mineral that is part of the composition of nails.

Also discover our dietary supplements for hair and dietary supplements for skin.

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