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Need some advice? Want to get in touch with us about an order? Maybe you have a suggestion to make? We’re entirely at your disposal! To help us respond to your questions as quickly and effectively as possible, may we suggest youcomplete this form indicating the nature of your inquiry.

You can also email us directly (contact@supersmart.com) or access our telephone support (the numbers can be found at the bottom of the page). Our teams are always happy to respond to your needs; their chief concern is your satisfaction.

One last thing: it’s worth looking at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) before sending us a message. You may well find the answer to your query there. We’ve also set up a ‘help page’ with guides and educational tools to enable newcomers to our site to benefit fully from our services.

For all telephone enquiries, you can call our telephone support in Luxembourg. We’re committed to providing a personal customer relations service, so this is not outsourced to a third-party call centre. Our team of dedicated, bilingual and enthusiastic operators personally handle all your queries, suggestions, requests for information and comments. We guarantee you a warm and friendly reception at all times.

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8386 reviews
Il y a 4 jours
SuperSmart provides excellent products…
SuperSmart provides excellent products and excellent service. However, it must stop relying upon FedX !!! Currently FedX is in utter disarray; their website is a locked box, and at least within Italy, they can only get packages delivered by re-assigning them to another courier -- in my case TNT. I have had no such difficulties with other couriers, nor with postal services.
Il y a 12 jours
Easy and fast!
Easy and fast!
Il y a 18 jours
Everything is great, but delivery to Lithuania is expensive - whereas delivery to Finland (same distance) is free. Discrimination...
Juozas Laučius
Il y a 36 jours
Rapid delivery
Rapid delivery
maggie hughes-ordever
Il y a 52 jours
Good products but language
Good products, delivery works well but I do not understand french language. So I hope that I would be able to choose language to communicate with SuperSmart.
Il y a 54 jours
very quick fulfilment of the order! Thank you
Il y a 57 jours
Top product internationally delivered…
Top product internationally delivered in record time. Supersmart? "Nomen est omen"!
Peter P.S. van Dijk
Il y a 60 jours
My go to for the last 2 years!
I had originally found this site for their dissolvable bpc-157 tablets which is the only supplier I could find that has it. This led me to see an incredible selection of theirs that over time I have tried more and more of it and have never been disappointed. The pricing has been fair compared to other sites, they have a great referral and loyalty program and I've never had any issue with shipping or cost (US customer here). I decided finally to leave a review for them after getting their kidney detox that has helped me with a great kidney stone problem that I've been paying so much money to a urologist for only to be told to manage blood pressure, blood sugar, and stress. But that supplement has changed my life and is actually breaking down my stones as evidenced in my latest CT scan. I love this site too because they are very informative about the composition of each supplement and allow plenty of information to do your own research with before you purchase. Honestly, I've referred so many people to this site and even forget to give them my referral code because of how much I believe in their products!
Il y a 77 jours
Top product
Top product, unique quality
Il y a 78 jours
Excellent products & service offering…
Excellent products & service offering exclusive & genius variations of powerful herbs & vitamins ❤️ I have been a valued customer for over 10 years 🥳
Giovanna Escalera
Il y a 80 jours
Reliable, as always
ZUPAN Andrej
Il y a 82 jours
Fast shipping easy payment
Fast shipping easy payment
gumbas II
Il y a 92 jours
Everything is great except for one…
Everything is great except for one thing - you won't accept my Swiss Bank VISA card. So I have to go to my bank to make a payment order, which takes time, and costs me money. I am in Switzerland, not the US - I only had my VPN set to the US at that moment.
Kenton DEAN
Il y a 114 jours
I ordered from supersmart for years
I ordered from supersmart for years. Good products, easy website, swift mailing.
Mrs I Heinrich
Il y a 123 jours
Supplements ordered arrive quickly and reliably. They have a good range and are among the few that stock taxifolin.
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© 1997-2023 Supersmart.com®
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