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In 2018, we decided to use an independent consumer review service called TrustPilot, one of the leading companies in the field. They ensure that the reviews left by internet-users are 100% authentic and reflect genuine purchasing experiences. In order to maintain complete transparency, we are not permitted by TrustPilot to modify these reviews: you can therefore trust the comments made about each of our dietary supplements completely. More information on TrustPilot.

In the space of a year, over 1500 people have chosen to provide feedback on their experience with Supersmart. We thank them sincerely for taking the time to rate our competence and assure them we’ll do all we can to maintain this level of excellence.

8236 reviews
Il y a 20 heures
Top product internationally delivered…
Top product internationally delivered in record time. Supersmart? "Nomen est omen"!
Peter P.S. van Dijk
Il y a 3 jours
My go to for the last 2 years!
I had originally found this site for their dissolvable bpc-157 tablets which is the only supplier I could find that has it. This led me to see an incredible selection of theirs that over time I have tried more and more of it and have never been disappointed. The pricing has been fair compared to other sites, they have a great referral and loyalty program and I've never had any issue with shipping or cost (US customer here). I decided finally to leave a review for them after getting their kidney detox that has helped me with a great kidney stone problem that I've been paying so much money to a urologist for only to be told to manage blood pressure, blood sugar, and stress. But that supplement has changed my life and is actually breaking down my stones as evidenced in my latest CT scan. I love this site too because they are very informative about the composition of each supplement and allow plenty of information to do your own research with before you purchase. Honestly, I've referred so many people to this site and even forget to give them my referral code because of how much I believe in their products!
Il y a 20 jours
Top product
Top product, unique quality
Il y a 21 jours
Excellent products & service offering…
Excellent products & service offering exclusive & genius variations of powerful herbs & vitamins ❤️ I have been a valued customer for over 10 years 🥳
Giovanna Escalera
Il y a 23 jours
Reliable, as always
ZUPAN Andrej
Il y a 25 jours
Fast shipping easy payment
Fast shipping easy payment
gumbas II
Il y a 35 jours
Everything is great except for one…
Everything is great except for one thing - you won't accept my Swiss Bank VISA card. So I have to go to my bank to make a payment order, which takes time, and costs me money. I am in Switzerland, not the US - I only had my VPN set to the US at that moment.
Kenton DEAN
Il y a 57 jours
I ordered from supersmart for years
I ordered from supersmart for years. Good products, easy website, swift mailing.
Mrs I Heinrich
Il y a 66 jours
Supplements ordered arrive quickly and reliably. They have a good range and are among the few that stock taxifolin.
Il y a 79 jours
Soddisfatto (con una piccola lamentela)
Hello. The service works perfectly and promptly, the products are excellent, and the information is accurate and comprehensive. But I am giving four stars (instead of five) because last week I sent a question (through the "contact" form) and was also assured, via email, that I would receive an answer soon, and instead to date I have not received any feedback. The date was approximately September 14. Antonio Taccone
Il y a 83 jours
Excellent service and product selection.
Excellent service and product selection.
Malgorzata Gorka
Il y a 91 jours
Customer information have improved
Customer information have improved. Accurate info. as well. Information about national restrictions for some of the products is still lacking. Good products in general.
Il y a 98 jours
Very fast delivery and great product
Very fast delivery and great product! I have seen significant improvements during the first month of taking it. I take this together with Mastic Gum. Will purchase again.
Andrew J.
Il y a 99 jours
Fast delivery!
Fast delivery! No problems.
Il y a 99 jours
Postage too exspensive
I'm very happy with your product, but the amount of postage is 15€. I'm sure it's absolutely too high. Slovenia is not in Asia and for such a lightweight package 1,200 mg is postage far too exspensive. I do expect that you will regulate this postage in a more correct way. Best regards Gregor Erjavec
Il y a 106 jours
Best choice ever
Good quality and fast service. It took me 2 months to feel a good change on my body. So proud to use their products
Il y a 114 jours
I am very satisfied with the service /…
I am very satisfied with the service / Prosit
DILLON Patrick M
Il y a 122 jours
I`m thrilled I found this French…
I`m thrilled I found this French company, which has fantastic products. I have tried different kinds of products from this company. I can highly recommend their products. They also had fast shipping with a tracking number from door to door across Europe.
Il y a 5 heures
Los productos me han ayudado muchissimo…
Los productos me han ayudado muchissimo para recuperar mi salud porque son de la medicina más avanzada del mundo La atención a los clientes ha sido genial ,.las explicaciones de cada producto en la web excelentes,.pero por la gran diversidad de productos es difícil elegir entre ellos cual es lo que más se adapte a la necesidad de cada persona para prevenir o para elegir para poder recetar especialmente se necesiten las especialistas en medicina natural pero aquí por mi punto de vista faltaría esta conexión entre super smart y naturopatas con quien pudiésemos contactar ,.que nos guíe o que nos ofrece una consulta precisa médica ,..en que nos pueden ayudar a distancia o presciencias a recibir un tratamiento individual a cada persona a cada paciente,.. Otra cosa que lamento decirles como otro crítica constructiva,.los envíos tardan ente 6-10 días eso si no veo normal si existen tantas empresas que tarda Max 2 días para el envío ,.y super-smart solo lo hace al un coste de 30 o 60 eur extra por envío express no me parece justo ni comprensible ,. Gracias por escuchar quisiera que más herbolarios y naturopata puedan ofrecer estos productos no solo online sino en sus tiendas pero parece que aún no ha llegado suficiente audiencia y conocimiento sobre estos maravillosos productos ah otra cosa ,.siendo una empresa de suplementos naturales deben dejar en plastificar los botes deben envasar en materiales eco como es envases de algas de alcachofas o caña de azúcar ,.y imprimir las directamente con láser ,.asi no contaminan ,..y pueden hacer estos envases reutilizable para rellenar los de nuevo y a si reeducamos como consumidores y puede así bajar los precios porque estos productos si tienen precios muy elevados de hecho que hubo un tiempo que tuve que invertir más dinero por ellos que mi propia paga de alquiler mensual para poder recuperar mi salud en su totalidad ,.graciiiiiiias a estos productos !!!!!🙏🌈ojalá que comprendan que todos somos responsables por nuestro Medio Ambiente todos necesitamos respirar aire fresco no necesitamos inhalar residuos de petróleo por fabricación de envases de plástico que no solo contamina el aire sino también nuestro agua y la naturaleza y por supuesto también a los trabajadores de la fábrica 😱🤦‍♀️😢😔 El sistema de reciclaje ya nos ha demostrado que no funciona ha creado Islas de plástico en los mares 😱por lo que se ahogan los animales marinos y submarinos por nuestra ignorancia por no haber rechazado estos materiales a la hora de exigir por nuestros productos por un mal uso por eso tenemos que empezar a rechazar estos materiales y optar por materiales naturales y no practar más el usa y tirar de un envase o cualquier material contaminante sino optar por el Cero Waste reutilizar ,..reparar las cosas como electrodomésticos Por un mundo en mis Canales y Grupos de Telegram Golden Earth Globalhealthy y mucho más estamos intentando globalizar la necesidad y las soluciones al respecto Salud y Eco debe estar en sintonía y no al contrario @MarryPo A si me pueden encontrar cualquier de nuestros Canales 🙏🌈por un mundo mejor unidos somos más
KITT Nicole Anja
Il y a 6 heures
Satisfaccion absoluta
El producto que yo tomo me ha cambiado la vida, y es facil hacer el pedido ademas de venir bastante rapido. Gracias
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© 1997-2022 Supersmart.com®
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