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Bacopa monnieri Supplement
Bacopa monnieri Supplement
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Bacopa monnieri 100 mg
Brain nutrition
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Bacopa monnieri is a nootropic supplement, made from Bacopa leaves.
  • Helps improve memory, learning capacity and information-processing.
  • Supports central nervous system function.
  • Has a positive effect on the hippocampus.
100 Veg. Caps
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Bacopa monnieri plant branch

Bacopa monnieri Supplement – Extract of Bacopa Leaf with Nootropic Properties

Inspired by the sacred practices of Ayurveda, Bacopa monnieri 100 mg is a nootropic supplement in vegetarian capsules, made from Bacopa leaves and standardised to 50% bacosides (the chemical compounds responsible for its nootropic effects).

It helps improve memory, learning capacity and information-processing, while at the same time supporting the whole central nervous system in functioning properly. It is often combined with Ginkgo biloba, another ‘gold-standard’ of Ayurvedic medicine.

Who should take Bacopa Monnieri 100 mg?

Bacopa monnieri 100 mg is aimed at many groups of people:

  • Those over 50 who want to combat cognitive decline.
  • Those who frequently experience recall problems and feel as if they’re losing their memory.
  • Those wishing to boost their cognitive function.
  • Those looking for a natural-source, traditionally used nootropic.
  • Those with a parent, brother or sister affected by serious cognitive decline.

What benefits does Bacopa Monnieri 100 mg offer?

According to ancient Ayurvedic writings, Bacopa monnieri was recommended for various conditions of the central nervous system and mind: attention deficit, memory problems, chronic stress, decline in cognitive performance… It was used to stimulate awareness and help maintain an alert mind.

Today, research is beginning to confirm such anecdotal use. Many studies, including clinical trials, suggest that extracts of Bacopa monnieri help to improve certain cognitive functions and maintain memory (1-3) (retrieval of information (4-5), learning capacity, associative memory (6), visual memory, work memory etc.).

As is the case for almost all Ayurvedic plants, scientists have discovered mechanisms of action that support the claims made for this nootropic.

Bacopa monnieri’s mechanisms of action

Bacopa monnieri primarily encourages the formation of synapses (7-9), the junctions between two neurons which ensure that information is transmitted and neural circuits are maintained. All our cognitive abilities depend on these circuits: if they become weak or disappear, our performance declines. How does Bacopa monnieri do this? By triggering the production of several molecules central to healthy synaptic function: glutamate and neutrophins such as BDNF and NGF (10-12). These molecules are crucial for initiating the process (13-14). They support the creation of neural circuits (an essential stage in learning), help to maintain existing circuits (vital for preserving memories) and are involved in a cascade of neuromolecular events that support cognitive performance.

Recent double-blind trials showed improvements in cognitive function following supplementation (15-16). Standardised extracts of Bacopa containing at least 50% bacosides (the compounds responsible for the previously mentioned effects) have also produced positive effects on short-term memory in healthy individuals (17-20).

5 good reasons to choose Bacopa Monnieri 100 mg from SuperSmart

When deciding which Bacopa monnieri supplement to buy, be sure to keep in mind the benefits offered by our product:

  1. Bacopa leaves were traditionally pressed to extract the juice which was then dried into a powder and made into a very sweet syrup in order to mask the bitter taste of the Bacopa. Though 100% inspired by this ancient practice, Bacopa Monnieri 100 mg is a product with neither sugar nor bitterness.
  2. Bacopa Monnieri 100 mg is a leaf extract which contains all the naturally occurring compounds. It’s important to remember this as many cheaper supplements are made from the plant’s roots or stems.
  3. The vegetarian capsules contain 100 mg of Bacopa monnieri extract each, standardised to provide at least 50% bacosides (the maximum available, with supplements generally offering between 20% and 50%).
  4. In India, Bacopa is currently recognised by medical authorities as a valid treatment for several types of mental and intellectual dysfunction.
  5. Bacopa Monnieri 100 mg contains no chemical bulking agents: just Bacopa monnieri leaves, acacia fibre and rice flour.

Additional measures to make Bacopa Monnieri even more effective

There are two types of intervention for improving aspects of cognition: taking nootropics such as Bacopa monnieri and brain training (21-23). A large number of studies show that brain training reduces age-related cognitive decline (24-27), and some suggest it is even more effective when combined with Bacopa monnieri supplementation.

The theory behind this potential synergy is quite simple.

Brain training reactivates neural circuits that were previously under-exploited or were in decline (28-30). As we age, many neural circuits disappear or become weaker in areas of the brain important for cognition and memory, such as the hippocampus, the striatum and the prefrontal cortex (31-32). When brain training is practiced frequently, it repeatedly reactivates these circuits and improves the connection between the neurons of which they’re composed (33). As a result, it helps boost or reorganise them more effectively. This reinforcement involves several molecules mentioned earlier in this article: glutamate, BDNF and TGF. Molecules whose production is promoted by Bacopa.

In other words, brain training is the stimulus which signals to the body that it’s time to boost its neural circuits. Bacopa is the supplier, providing the elements it needs in order to do so.

It’s therefore highly recommended that alongside supplementation with Bacopa monnieri, brain training, such as puzzles, brain teasers and a range of cognitive tasks, is practised regularly. The aim of this combined approach is to counteract the cognitive losses that lead to decline. It needs to be maintained for at least 12 weeks to be effective.

Bacopa monnieri can also be combined with Ginkgo biloba supplements to increase blood supply to the brain and help maintain cognitive function.

If you’re interested in other natural Ayurvedic products available to buy at Supersmart, you may wish to consider:

Are there any precautions to be taken or interactions to be aware of?

As a precautionary measure, Bacopa monnieri is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Bacopa monnieri can in theory increase the effects of phenothiazine, a neuroleptic drug.

Updated: 30/01/2019


This product should not be used as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. It’s important to follow the guidelines on how to take it and the recommended dose, and to use it by the ‘best before’ date. It is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or for children under 15. Keep out of children’s reach. Store in a cool, dry place.

Daily serving: 6 capsules
Number of servings per bottle: 16
Quantity per serving
Bacopa monnieri (leaf extract standardised to provide 50% baccosides) 600 mg
Other ingredients: Acacia gum, rice flour.

Each vegetarian capsule contains 100 mg Bacopa monnieri extract standardised to provide at least 50% baccosides.
Directions for use
Take one or two capsules, one to three times a day, as required or as advised by your therapist.
4.9 /5 9 reviews
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4.8 / 5
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Reviews 9
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Evelyne BIGANT
corinne bastid
améliore la concentration en douceur
A donné d'excellents résultats pour l'apprentissage de mon fils de 12 ans.
comme d'habitude les produits sont conforme à mes attentes et ils sont de qualité
Temps de révision d examen raccourci. J aime
Permet de se détendre et de se concentrer pour les examens dans le cadre d'étude supérieures
Mme LAPOINTE Marie-Aline
Tres bon produit on voit les effets que cela produit au niveau du comportement aide a rester concentrée evite de se stresser.
Je suis satisfaite de ce produit
SUDAN Jacques
probablement utile et sans effets secondaires
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Synergy packs

Bacopa monnieri Supplement
Bacopa monnieri 100 mg
Improves memory acquisition and retention, increases learning capacity
19.00 €(22.53 US$)
Super Ashwagandha Supplement
Super Ashwagandha
New extract 2.5 times more concentrated in active ingredient
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Pack "Super Ashwagandha + Bacopa Monnieri"
52.00 €(61.66 US$)
Bacopa monnieri Supplement
Bacopa monnieri 100 mg
Improves memory acquisition and retention, increases learning capacity
19.00 €(22.53 US$)
Ginkgo Biloba Supplement
Ginkgo Biloba 60 mg
Standardized extract (50:1): contains 24% ginkgoflavonglycosides
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Pack "Bacopa Monnieri + Ginkgo Biloba"
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