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Are you looking for a first-class mineral supplement? Perhaps you’re lacking in calcium, magnesium or zinc and are searching for the best product to remedy this? Well you’re in the right place. At Supersmart we offer the very best mineral and trace element supplements available.

All our products have been selected for their excellent bioavailability and their near-absence of side-effects compared with basic supplements. In the vast majority of cases, the forms chosen are those recommended in the latest scientific studies. These exacting standards ensure they deliver unrivalled efficacy.

Before you make your selection, be sure to look at two products hugely popular with our customers, Optimag, a synergistic combination of different forms of magnesium, and Zinc Orotate 50 mg, a supplement that delivers zinc in its most bioavailable form.

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Why use minerals for dietary supplements?

Current dietary models do not always meet the nutritional needs of all individuals, particularly those for minerals. Given that bioavailability of minerals declines as we get older, the situation is only exacerbated with ageing; recommendations can become complex and there is a need for personalisation, including through the use of mineral nutrition supplements. Indeed, a number of studies showed that intake of magnesium, zinc, selenium and chromium in older people was lower than recommended amounts, unlike iron intake which was generally adequate (recommended daily amounts of iron are lower for women over 50 because menstruation ceases after the menopause).

This decline in intake is worrying because minerals play a role in all the body’s vital activities, particularly maintaining strong immunity. Fortunately, improvements in diet can be backed up through the ingestion of mineral supplements, which have been repeatedly shown to offer benefits in preventing and combating inflammation and infection. In addition, maintaining optimal mineral levels may be crucial for brain function and preventing brain diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease.

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