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Dietary supplements for slimming and weight control


Are you looking for a slimming supplement that really works? Do you want to lose weight and finally rediscover a healthier you? SuperSmart presents a list of the best natural products to help you slim down, lose weight and improve your body shape.

Appetite-suppressants, ‘detox’ cleansers, fat-burners … They have all been developed using the latest scientific research to maximise the effects of their natural active ingredients, and are based on various scientifically-validated concepts.

Some slimming products called ‘fat-burners’ stimulate thermogenesis (the production of heat that burns calories) and lipolysis (the breakdown of stored fat). The highly-popular Advanced Fat Burner is based on this concept. High-fibre supplements such as CSAT® increase the volume of the alimentary bolus, thus reducing the feeling of hunger. Other substances, such as glabridin from liquorice, break down visceral fat mass and reduce the absorption of ingested fats by slowing down gastric emptying (see Viscerox).

Most of the slimming supplements we offer are based on these principles. Some, such as Weight Loss Formula, even combine these approaches for increased efficacy (known as a synergistic effect). Lactobacillus gasseri is the exception: it’s a probiotic widely-studied for its effect on abdominal fat.

Lactobacillus Gasseri SupplementLactobacillus Gasseri
A probiotic strain that’s particularly effective for weight control
60 DR Caps™
18.00 €(19.50 US$)Add to basket
5 192 reviews
Advanced Fat Burner SupplementAdvanced Fat Burner
Lose those extra inches with the help of the latest scientific advances
120 Veg. Caps.
79.00 €(85.59 US$)Add to basket
3 6 reviews
CSAT® SupplementCSAT® 250 mg
Carob extract for controlling the desire to snack
60 Veg. Caps.
22.00 €(23.83 US$)Add to basket
3.5 7 reviews
Metadrine ™ dietary supplementMetadrine™
Advanced thermogenic formulation, improved and strengthened
120 Veg. Caps
63.00 €(68.25 US$)Add to basket
5 5 reviews
Garcinia Cambogia SupplementGarcinia Cambogia
A fruit rind which helps restrict fat storage
120 tablets
27.00 €(29.25 US$)Add to basket
5 9 reviews
Viscerox SupplementViscerox
Helps reduce abdominal fat
60 softgels
53.00 €(57.42 US$)Add to basket
4 9 reviews
Weight Loss Booster SupplementWeight Loss Booster
Speeds up weight loss via complementary mechanisms
60 Veg. Caps
12.40 €31.00 €(13.43 US$)Add to basket
4 4 reviews
Fat & Carb Blocker SupplementFat & Carb Blocker
The latest-generation, 100% natural slimming supplement - for effective reduction of calorie intake
60 Veg. Caps.
27.00 €(29.25 US$)Add to basket
4.5 7 reviews
goBHB™ SupplementgoBHB™
An alternative energy source to aid weight loss
150 grams
65.00 €(70.42 US$)Add to basket
4.5 3 reviews
Slendacor® SupplementSlendacor®
Aids weight loss by tackling fat cells head on.
90 Veg. Caps.
49.00 €(53.08 US$)Add to basket
4.5 3 reviews
TropiSlim SupplementTropiSlim
Tropical formula for regaining a slimmer, lighter body
60 Veg. Caps.
33.00 €(35.75 US$)Add to basket
4 5 reviews
Probiotic Akkermansia Muciniphila PostbioticAkkermansia Muciniphila Postbiotic
Akkermansia muciniphila, the perfect postbiotic for supporting your weight-loss diet
60 delayed release capsules
45.00 €(48.75 US$)Add to basket
5 13 reviews
Appetite Control Formula SupplementAppetite Control Formula
A natural aid to reducing food consumption
60 Veg. Caps.
55.00 €(59.59 US$)Add to basket
4.5 9 reviews
CLA, dietary supplement of conjugated linoleic acidCLA
Combined linoleic acid: the anti-fat lipidic!
120 softgels
27.00 €(29.25 US$)Add to basket
5 8 reviews
Natural Iodine SupplementNatural Iodine
A natural source of iodine with multiple benefits
60 Veg. Caps.
25.00 €(27.08 US$)Add to basket
5 3 reviews
Organic Acacia SupplementOrganic Acacia
Acacia gum 100% organic (soluble fibre)
100 g
22.00 €(23.83 US$)Add to basket
5 4 reviews
MCT coconut oil dietary supplementOrganic MCT Oil Pure C8
A pure, organic, MCT oil, with a high concentration of C8 caprylic acid
500 ml bottle
18.20 €28.00 €(19.72 US$)Add to basket
4.5 7 reviews
Paradoxine® SupplementParadoxine®
Extract of grains of paradise – a natural way to tackle excess weight
90 Veg. Caps.
14.95 €23.00 €(16.20 US$)Add to basket
4.5 6 reviews
Water Retention Formula SupplementWater Retention Formula
A natural and effective formulation that eliminates excess water, waste products and unsightly bulges.
120 Veg. Caps.
39.00 €(42.25 US$)Add to basket
4 12 reviews
Weight Loss Formula SupplementWeight Loss Formula
Improved, ultra-powerful formula for better weight control.
120 Veg. Caps
59.00 €(63.92 US$)Add to basket
5 12 reviews
Synergy packs Synergy packs

More effective nutrients for less money. Product combinations chosen by the scientific team at SuperSmart for their synergistic and complementary effects, at a great price. These supplement combinations have been shown to maximise absorption of active compounds and increase efficacy. How is this possible? By focusing on nutritional synergy. This is when the beneficial effects of several compounds taken simultaneously (vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients…) are greater than those obtained from these same compounds taken in isolation. We know, for example, that vitamin C supports iron absorption and that quercetin slows down the enzymes responsible for eliminating certain antioxidants. Every day, research is discovering new nutrient combinations that can enhance the benefits of dietary supplements.


4 supplements for weight loss

An excellent, natural supplement for slimming

Konjac supports weight loss as part of a calorie restriction regimen.

This Asian plant contains a type of fibre called glucomannan which can absorb large amounts of water. As this increases the viscosity of the alimentary bolus, satiety is achieved more rapidly.

Konjac is consumed mainly in the form of capsules or tablets as part of a slimming diet. It features, for example, in the supplement Weight Loss Formula.

What’s the best supplement for losing belly fat?

Liquorice root is one of the most widely-used plants in traditional medicine. Scientists have shown that it helps to reduce fat around the stomach.

Its properties actually help to decrease the synthesis of abdominal fat mass and increase its breakdown, while also lowering blood triglycerides. The supplement Viscerox is a patented extract of liquorice root.

Which product is best for rapid weight loss?

Garcinia cambogia is a tropical fruit, the rind of which contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA).

HCA is able to inhibit the enzyme citrate lyase (involved in converting carbohydrates into fat) and reduce hunger pangs by increasing serotonin production. You’ll find this powerful compound in both the supplement Garcinia cambogia, and the synergistic formulation Metadrine™.

Another well-known slimming supplement

Guarana is also a fat-burner with recognised weight loss efficacy.

That’s why it often features as an ingredient in slimming tablets.

However, its high caffeine content, which is responsible for its effects, means care should be taken when supplementing with guarana: ESCOP does not recommend it for pregnant women or those with high blood pressure.

What’s the best supplement for losing weight?

As its name indicates, the product Advanced Fat Burner is a state-of-the-art fat-burner. It’s generally considered to be the best slimming supplement available.

This synergistic formulation contains, first and foremost, Coleus forskohlii, a plant native to India which aids weight loss via several mechanisms. It activates the enzyme adenylate cyclase (which promotes the breakdown of fat), it stimulates lipolysis and it increases metabolism by encouraging thermogenesis.

Advanced Fat Burner also contains:

What causes excessive weight gain?

Many factors contribute to weight gain and excess weight. They include:

The consequences of excess weight and fat

As well as changes in physical appearance, excess fat mass can lead to various health problems:

Motivation enough, then, to lose weight! But it’s important to do it the right way …

The 5 principles of weight loss and fat-burning

Let’s remember that healthy, sustainable weight loss depends, first and foremost, on:

  1. creating a calorie deficit. In other words, to lose weight, you have to exercise portion control so that you eat fewer calories than you burn. That way, your body will not be able to accumulate more fat mass and will instead have to draw on its fat reserves ;
  2. a varied, balanced diet (with plenty of fruit and vegetables, lean protein, healthy fats and wholegrains, etc …) ;
  3. good hydration. Water helps to suppress the appetite, supports the body’s metabolic function and is associated with improving breakdown of fat cells;
  4. regular exercise (walking, swimming …). Physical activity helps you burn calories and boosts your metabolism;
  5. good stress management (taking more breaks, getting more sleep, practising meditation or yoga …) It’s important to lower your stress as it affects dietary habits and promotes weight gain.

Dietary supplements should only be considered as providing support for your fat- and weight-loss programme.

What is a ‘fat-burner’?

A ‘fat-burner’ is a supplement that helps the body to eliminate stored fat.

These supplements usually contain thermogenic ingredients able to activate lipolysis, in order to promote fat-burning.

As its name indicates, the synergistic and powerful formulation Advanced Fat Burner is one such supplement.

What role does ‘cleansing’ play in weight loss?

Weight-loss cleansing is all about facilitating the elimination of toxins and waste products that have accumulated in the body.

According to several studies, this detox process promotes the loss of body fat and weight:

One such ‘cleanser’ is Water Retention Formula, capsules containing high doses of plant extracts, including prickly pear. For weight loss, however, this kind of cleansing should always form part of an overall slimming regimen. It’s the perfect way of acting on all fronts and guaranteeing results.

Other natural ingredients for weight loss

We should also mention some other supplements which can make an important contribution to shedding those excess kilos:

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