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Welcome Who are we ?

Who are we ?

SuperSmart.com was one of the very first brands in Europe to market dietary supplements. The supersmart.com website was created in 1996 in the early days of the Internet. Initially, the company imported products from the United States, but today, it is a major player in the global nutritional supplement market and produces its own formulations.

More than 400 innovative products of exceptional quality

Since our launch onto the European supplement market 29 years ago, Supersmart has placed innovation and excellence at the heart of its operations. Over the years, this fundamental principle has allowed us to sustain an exceptionally diverse catalogue of supplements in which you’ll find:

Quality, Research and Innovation: Supersmart’s 15 commitments

Since the company was created, our guiding principle has remained the same: to prioritise quality, safety, efficacy and scientific validation. A simple, honest principle which has seen an increasing number of our customers return to us time and time again (see our customer review page). To them, we once again say a sincere thank you!


  1. For 29 years, we have been developing unique formulations to improve the health of our customers, with a constant commitment to ensuring product quality across every stage of the production process.
  2. As we use only those ingredients and dosages scientifically demonstrated to give the best results, we are able to offer outstanding value for money.
  3. The quality of our products also lies in the rigour applied to manufacturing processes. Our production and packaging methods are GMP-compliant (adhering to Good Manufacturing Practice)and HACCP-certified, ensuring maximum traceability and safety.
  4. We prioritise ethically-sourced raw materials from environmentally-responsible suppliers, supporting local, eco-friendly economies wherever possible. These are selected by an agri-food engineer.
  5. We use nothing in our products that appears on the European list of ‘excipients with recognised effects’. Over 90% of our products contain only natural excipients (rice flour, rice bran and acacia gum).
  6. We are including more and more organically-produced ingredients.


  1. We guarantee that our products are offered in their safest, most easily-absorbed forms – in many cases, we’re the first to make these forms available to consumers worldwide.
  2. We offer the most advanced and comprehensive formulations containing ingredients which reputable studies have shown to be effective and bio-available.
  3. We never use ingredients tested on animals, as can be seen from the certificates of analysis published on our website,.
  4. The development of our products is coordinated by a Doctor of Pharmacy and recognised specialist in nutrition.

Innovation and operations

  1. We’re a small, friendly company (fewer than 20 employees) located in Luxembourg. We work hard to remain at the cutting edge of innovation and research.
  2. The dispatch of our products has been entrusted to logistics professionals who have access to the most innovative and effective tools available.
  3. We offer reliable information and advice both on our dietary supplements and on the health issues that concern you. To this end, we work directly with scientific journalists and translators who are specialists in the area of health.
  4. Our product range is constantly evolving: each month, we introduce two new products and regularly review the composition of our top products.
  5. We offer around a dozen supplements which are difficult – if not impossible – to find elsewhere. We’re able to do this because we search the globe for ingredients of the highest calibre.

Rest assured that our friendly and cheerful teleoperators are available every day to help in whatever way they can. Please don’t hesitate to contact us (see "contact") if you have any technical issues, problems with late orders, adding items to your basket – anything at all, in fact!

You can also check our frequently-asked questions to find out more about the selection and manufacture of our supplements, how our prices are calculated, our use of excipients, etc.

We look forward to being of service:
6155 reviews
Il y a 11 jours
User-friendly website
User-friendly website. Great products that I can't find elsewhere like DMSA. Excellent service and timely dispatch.
Alex Zenker
Il y a 15 jours
I love their products.
I love their products.
SCERBO Veronica
Il y a 19 jours
Great service
Great service
Monica Pompili
Il y a 24 jours
satisfaction totale
satisfaction totale
Il y a 35 jours
Easy search on the site.safe delivery…
Easy search on the site.safe delivery in due time of quality,efficient products.
MICHELE Herbstmeyer
Il y a 39 jours
Natural Anti Prolactin Support Supplements
Using SuperSmarts Natural Anti Prolactin Support Supplements I was able to lower my prolactin from 482mU/L to 163mU/L in 6 weeks, very happy with that result.
Il y a 43 jours
Supersmart offers the best health products on the Internet
Supersmart offers the best health products on the Web and delivers them quickly. I also applaud to their latest innovation that is to store credit card information, which is much safer than having to type it at each order.
Il y a 49 jours
I have ordered products from Supersmart…
I have ordered products from Supersmart for several years and never a problem.
ZILLER Elisabeth
Il y a 56 jours
Excellent products
Excellent products. Excelent customer servise. Thank you - for YOU.
Il y a 71 jours
Son indispensables para mi
Son indispensables para mi
PENALVA Francisco Luis
Il y a 71 jours
Everything came swiftly and well…
Everything came swiftly and well packaged --- couldn't have been better. I've used Supersmart for years --- now have the full customer discount --- and no complaints.
Il y a 71 jours
Supersmart is good value and very helpful
I think that Supersmart is very good value for a variety of very good products. When I had trouble receiving my order after Brexit, Supersmart was extremely helpful in ensuring I received it. Within a few days of me contacting them, the order came through my door. I have been ordering from Supersmart for many years now and I highly recommend them.
Suzie Page
Il y a 72 jours
Prompt efficient service thank you.
Prompt efficient service thank you.
Brenda Berkeley
Il y a 82 jours
Excellent produits
Melatonin Spray DMSA Provmbio forte. Excellent
Il y a 12 heures
Yo solo puedo habar del producto H…
Yo solo puedo habar del producto H PYLORI FIGHT que me lo recomendó un especialista en digestivo, parece ser que es un probiótico muy bueno para regenerar la flora intestinal y al mismo tiempo combate la famosa bacteria que se aloja en el estómago helicobácter pylori. Es relativamente fácil de pedir por internet, y los envíos bastante rápidos, también digo que si tienes alguna demora la atención telefónica es buena
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