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Welcome Shop by health concern Liver and detoxification Organic acacia + Desmo Forte
Organic acacia + Desmo Forte
Organic acacia + Desmo Forte Organic acacia + Desmo Forte Organic acacia + Desmo Forte
Organic acacia + Desmo Forte
Liver and detoxification
54.00 €(58.42 US$) Temporarily unavailable
Desmo Forte™
Liquid extract of Desmodium adscendens
  • Used by some therapists to treat liver disease.
  • Offers potential in preventing asthma attacks.
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    Organic Acacia
    Organic Acacia - A 100% organic source of soluble fibre
    • Healthy, natural source (Acacia senegal and Acacia seyal), 100% organic
    • High digestive tolerance (gradual fermentation)
    • Helps reduce calorie intake
    • Helps maintain stable blood glucose (1)
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    Organic acacia + Desmo Forte
    54.00 €
    (58.42 US$)
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