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Welcome Quality comes first!

Quality comes first!

29 years of excellence and innovation

Our guiding principles have remained the same for 29 years: to prioritise quality, safety, efficacy and scientific validation. Simple principles which have succeeded in securing the loyalty of an increasing number of customers.

Over 300 top quality, innovative products

At Supersmart, we focus on delivering a comprehensive catalogue of innovative products of outstanding quality, which is constantly updated and improved to reflect the latest scientific research and production methods.

Supersmart offers product quality and safety guaranteed by:


  • For over 29 years we have been developing unique formulations to improve our customer’s health.
  • We are committed to product quality through every step of the production process.
  • We only use ingredients and dosages that replicate the best results gained from scientific research, which means you will get the best quality and results for your money.
  • Our rigorous manufacturing process is the basis of our superior products. Our production and packaging methods that adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and are HACCP certified, ensuring traceability and maximum safety).


  • We ensure our products are in the safest, most easily-absorbed forms which we often are the first to make available to consumers worldwide.
  • We offer the most advanced and comprehensive formulations with ingredients which reputable studies have shown to be effective and bio-available.
  • No animal testing.
  • Certificates of analysis can be viewed at www.supersmart.com


  • We work hard to stay on the cutting edge or research and provide our customers with great products that will improve their lives.
  • Our product range is constantly evolving. We have a track record of regularly introducing new products before anyone else.
  • We offer dozens of products that are difficult - sometimes impossible - to find elsewhere searching for cutting edge ingredients around the globe to help our customers reach their health and fitness goals faster.
6545 reviews
Il y a 5 jours
Failed sendings
No complaints about the quality of the products, but the sending has failed two times and I had to claim it, which led to a noticeable delay in delivery.
Juan Carlos Paniagua
Il y a 10 jours
Good products
Good products, fast shipping.
Il y a 23 jours
Have dealt with supersmart many times…
Have dealt with supersmart many times as usual there service is excellent great product range no problem recommending them .
Patrick Hughes
Il y a 25 jours
good products but quite expensive and…
good products but quite expensive and prices have increased. Shipment takes too long
Il y a 38 jours
Excellent shipping
Excellent shipping. Very Easy to buy from You. Many thanks.
Il y a 39 jours
Everything is perfect and I am very…
Everything is perfect and I am very satisfied video pharmacy, thank you
Il y a 46 jours
Dear People,
Dear People, I buy products from you for a long long time. I am nearly always satisfied with the quality of those products. What really annoys me is that if I log on a side i am flooded with advertiesment from you very extreme. You can see mu IP adress and please no ad's any more I will buy the products anyway. kind regards Hero Bos
H Bos*
Il y a 52 jours
Bought Supersmart Betain HCL
Bought Supersmart Betain HCL. Mainly because the ingredients were simply Betain HCL, Protease, and Acacia gum. Item arrived promptly though it was addressed to the wrong country on the sending confirmation. Don't know how. The product did exactly what it was supposed to do. Reduced the feeling of fullness after meals. Main goal was to prevent food staying too long in the digestive tract and leading to bacterial overgrowth. But it was also great to just not feel so full after eating. No adverse reactions. Would buy again, if I can't find it cheaper elsewhere or if I find the quality is unbeatable, as it is quite expensive for something I use so much of - a bottle cost 19EUR and lasts about a month, and it is neither a vitamin nor mineral supplement, only a digestive aid - however no complaints about the quality of the product or its packaging.
Il y a 54 jours
Delivery issue with courier, but Super Smart proactively resolved problem
Initially there was a problem with the courier, but my order was resent quickly and redelivered, and Super Smart we’re very proactive in resolving the matter.
Il y a 55 jours
On 30 June I paid for 4 packages of…
On 30 June I paid for 4 packages of SAM-E. Up to now nothing was delivered. I would like to have my money back
Il y a 62 jours
Everything was delivered in good order
Everything was delivered in good order
Il y a 64 jours
Very good supplement and superior…
Very good supplement and superior quality.
Magna Patricia de Jesus Jardim
Il y a 68 jours
Service rapide impeccable
Service rapide impeccable
Il y a 68 jours
The right items delivered in time
The right items delivered in time. And good communication by email informing, the position of my item though out its journey.
Il y a 72 jours
Service, deliveryand qualitiy is outstanding
ERNST Herbert
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© 1997-2021 Supersmart.com®
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