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Beta-Ecdysterone 1000 mg

Beta-ecdysterone supplement for athletes (bodybuilding)

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Beta-ecdysterone supplement contains a Cyanotis vaga extract standardised to 95 % beta-ecdysterone.
  • Improves stamina, speed and recovery in trained athletes.
  • Has shown to increase protein synthesis by 20%.
  • Increases muscle mass and the ratio of lean muscle to fat.

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Beta-Ecdysterone 1000 mg

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Beta-ecdysterone (or 20-hydroxyecdysone) is an active principle found in Rhaponticum carthamoides, Suma and Cyanotis vaga. The majority of ecdysterone studies to date have been conducted in Eastern Europe and Russia. They conclude that its effects are comparable to those of a mild anabolic or androgenic drug - it has a stereochemical analogue structure but without any of the unpleasant side effects, now available to buy at Supersmart.

Due to its very high cost and the relatively large amounts needed (one gram per day), beta-ecdysterone is found in some of the most doctored and fake products on the market. The excellent quality of the extract sold by Supersmart is, of course, guaranteed. It contains 1060 mg Cyanotis vaga extract standardised to 95 % beta-ecdysterone, delivered in vegetarian capsules.

What benefits do studies show about Beta-ecdysterone?

Increasing muscle mass is a well-researched area in the domain of competitive sport and endurance, but muscle mass is also important for older people at risk of cachexia, or younger, overweight individuals who want to get the most benefits out of a moderate exercise programme.

  • Human and animal studies have shown reproducible results in terms of muscle strength and gain.
  • The Russian studies have been replicated at the Centre for Biotechnology in New Jersey. Tested on human muscle cells, beta-ecdysterone was shown to increase protein synthesis by 20%.
  • It also produced improvements in insulin function resulting in an appreciable reduction in fat mass.
  • Increases muscle mass and the ratio of lean muscle to fat. A recent study of 80 athletes showed a gain of 6 to 7% in muscle mass and a 9 to 10% loss in fat mass after only two weeks' supplementation.
  • Protects the cardiovascular system by improving nutrient supply to the brain and muscles.
  • Combats fatigue (an adaptogenic effect) as well as the negative effects on the immune system that can result from intense physical exercise.
  • Improves stamina, speed and recovery in trained athletes.
  • Increases sperm motility, enhances testosterone production and metabolism, but without any androgenic side effects.

Buy Beta-ecdysterone capsules today to help you increase your muscle mass.

What is in Beta-Ecdysterone 1000 mg

Cyanotis vaga extract


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Excellent 4 Reviews
Compagnon Flavien

december 14 2023

Canon mais en rupture de stock

Al Sid Cheikh Khaled

november 7 2023

Meilleure congestion,energie accrue pendant les séances..

Better pump, increased energy during workouts..

see the translation Translated by SuperSmart - see the original

Fred H

june 4 2020

Excellent : on fait sa muscu en exécutant des répétitions correctes et explosives. On récupère vite et bien . On redevient même...coquin ! Produit un peu cher mais les résultats sont présents.

Excellent: you can do your workouts with proper and explosive repetitions. You recover quickly and well. You even become... playful again! The product is a bit expensive, but the results are there.

see the translation Translated by SuperSmart - see the original

Pino Fabio

june 28 2019

un valdo aiuto negli allenamenti

a valid help in training sessions

see the translation Translated by SuperSmart - see the original

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