Zero Pollution + Super Water
Zero Pollution + Super Water


Zero Pollution + Super Water
Increases ATP levels – Optimises cell function – Restores acid-base balance
The first, 100% natural anti-pollution formulation
  • Based on four plant extracts enriched with active principles (rosemary, olive, verbena and sophora Japonica).
  • Helps protect against and repair skin damage caused by pollution.
  • 100% natural and safe excipients (acacia and rice bran).

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Quantity : 500 ml
60 Veg. Caps. 125 mg
37.00 €
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SuperWater is neither a spring water nor a mineral water and its benefits extend far beyond those of water magnetised by metallic electrodes to enrich it with specific minerals. We now know there are three essential factors involved in optimising cell performance in all the body’s tissues (heart, brain, muscles…): • increased elimination of metabolic acid residues in cells; • optimal supply of water and oxygen; • adequate provision of fuel for energy (ATP). Studies have demonstrated that consuming SuperWater helps: • eliminate metabolic acid residues due to its high alkalising ability; • provide a surplus of active oxygen ions, not in the free radical-generating O2 form, but in the negative electric charge form, OH-. In addition, it has the unique property of penetrating the cell intima where mitochondria are located – the powerhouses that produce ATP. In a two-week study of individuals of all ages (mean age 53 years), all participants showed a clear increase in ATP. Levels rose from b...

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Many people who move to the city from the countryside notice that their skin loses some of its former beauty. And science backs this up: pollution makes the skin age prematurely, destroys its hydrolipid film and impairs cell renewal. Zeropollution® has been developed to counter these processes - which are only likely to get worse in the years to come … This product can be applied to the skin or taken orally. Who is Zeropollution® aimed at? There is a scientific consensus that all urban populations today are affected by pollution . It’s estimated that 92% of Western populations live in town environments where the air quality is far from satisfactory. Zeropollution® is designed for such populations, and more specifically, for certain high-risk groups of people: Those who live close to a busy trunk road or in an area with heavy traffic. Those who live in a large town or close to commercial or industrial zones (conditions which potentially increase the incidence of coughs, rashes, itching ...

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