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Welcome Shop by health concern Tiredness and Lack of energy Organic Germanium Ge-132 100 mg
Organic Germanium Ge-132 100 mg
Organic Germanium Ge-132 100 mg Organic Germanium Ge-132 100 mg
Organic Germanium Ge-132 100 mg
Tiredness and Lack of energy
29.00 €(31.29 US$) is available
Organic germanium stimulates the body’s natural defences.
  • Encourages oxygenation of cells.
  • Has particular antiviral and antifungal activity.
  • Stimulates immune system cells.
30 Veg. Caps
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Germanium chemical element.

Organic Germanium GE-132 Supplement - Organic Germanium for the Immune System

Organic germanium, also called Ge-132, is a trace element found naturally in certain plants such as ginseng, shiitake, garlic and chlorella. Organic germanium has been widely studied, and scientists believe it offers a number of therapeutic effects: antifungal, antihypertensive and anticarcinogenic. The use of this trace element may also prevent liver disease and regulate immunity.

What do studies show about Organic Germanium GE-132?

Organic germanium has been extensively studied by Dr. Kuzihiko Asai in Japan, who founded the Asai Institute to develop its therapeutic use in the form of dietary supplements. His studies on dosage showed positive effects at doses of between 100mg and 300mg a day. Containing 100mg of organic germanium, our product is also safe, with rapid absorption and elimination. Scientific studies conducted on organic germanium suggest it has various modes of action:

  • Binds to oxygen, encouraging oxygenation of cells.
  • Has particular antiviral and antifungal activity.
  • Stimulates immune system cells such as macrophages and Natural Killer Cells.
  • Participates in the natural production of interferons, a group of proteins involved in immune response. Current scientific thinking is that organic germanium stimulates the body’s natural defences.
Daily serving: 3 capsules
Number of servings per bottle : 10

per serving

Organic germanium (Ge-132) 300 mg
Other ingredients: Acacia gum

Each vegetarian capsule contains 100 mg organic germanium (Ge-132).
Directions for use
Take 1-3 capsules a day, or more, as advised by your therapist.
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METSCHL Gretl & Franz
Meine Frau hatte eine schwere und seltene Krebserkrankung (Schleimhaut-Melanom). Mit einer Antikörperbehandlung in der Uni Würzburg ist alles wieder gut. Durch Freunde aus Amerika sind wir auf das Medikament (2018) aufmerksam gemacht worden. Seit dieser Zeit nimmt meine Frau regelmäßig Ge-132 Organic Germanium. Die Untersuchungen in der Uni und beim Facharzt sind gut und nichts auffälliges. Dafür sind wir unserern Freunden aus Amerika sehr dankbar. Wir können das Mittel nur empfehlen. Der Versand klappt gut. Danke. Gretl & Franz Metschl (Gesangsduo) aus Rothenburg o/T
deutlich besseres Wohlbefinden
Germanium hilft wirklich.

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Organic Germanium Ge-132 100 mg
29.00 €
(31.29 US$)
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