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Tiredness Advice

How to stop feeling tired: 7 key tips

Always tired and lacking in energy? Then you’re suffering from asthenia! But you can do something about it - simply follow our 7 tips to fight fatigue naturally.
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Discover the most effective techniques and compounds for fighting fatigue.
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Take regular, moderate exercise

It was research funded by space agencies that led to the discovery that a sedentary lifestyle with little physical activity literally disrupts our metabolism(1).

In these studies, healthy subjects were found, after just a few days of inactivity, to have metabolic disorders normally seen in obese or diabetic individuals.

Physical activity also (2):

So paradoxically, staying physically active is actually a natural way of fighting fatigue, if you exercise mostly in the morning.

Take ginseng: the vitality plant

A major plant in Chinese medicine, ginseng is often referred to as the root of vitality. Considered an adaptogen plant, ginseng contains ginsenosides, molecules known for helping to (3) :

As a result of these many benefits, ginseng is recognised for helping to fight fatigue and maintain vitality (try, for example, Ginseng 30%).

In the same vein, it’s worth discovering the benefits of chaga, the large fungus that grows on birch trees. Traditionally used in Siberia for its fortifying effects, it is now available in capsule form (Organic Chaga Extract).

Eat raw fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C

Vitamin C has long been known to help reduce fatigue (4). It acts as a protector of dopamine and noradrenalin, both of which influence mood and energy.

Vitamin C also has an effect on the synthesis of carnitine, a molecule that plays an important role in energy production.

And apart from its positive effect on the immune system, vitamin C is also involved in the formation of red blood cells, which transport oxygen in the blood. And good oxygenation of organs is essential for feeling fit and healthy.

To combat fatigue, we’d therefore strongly recommend eating fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, especially those rich in vitamin C such as red cabbage, kiwi fruit, acerola cherries, etc. You can also take a high-bioavailability supplement (such asLiposomal Vitamin C).

Vitamin B12 (see Methylcobalamine) is also effective for fatigue.

Improve your sleep quality

It might be stating the obvious, but good quality sleep is a key factor in fighting fatigue naturally.

Most of us need the famous 7 or so hours of sleep to feel on top form, but it’s the quality of that sleep which is so crucial. There are two important elements to this:

There are several ways of achieving this:

Try light therapy

We’ve just referred to it in terms of the blue light from screens, but our daytime tiredness, and the quality of our sleep, are also very dependent on light.

Mammifères vivant en extérieur à l’origine, les Humains sont conçus pour recevoir de la lumière bleue de l’aube le matin et de la lumière jaune et chaude de l’aurore le soir. We humans were originally outdoor mammals, and as such, are ‘programmed’ to receive the blue light of dawn in the morning and the warm, yellow light of dusk in the evening. Recent research has found that our internal clocks are directly affected by this exposure to different light temperatures at different times of the day.

Light therapy can therefore be an excellent natural remedy for fatigue and promote better quality sleep. Indeed, many chronobiologists and sleep clinics now use light therapy as a treatment for those with sleep disorders and chronic or temporary asthenia (5).

Take advantage of phytotherapy

Since the beginning of time, plants have also been used either for fighting intense episodes of fatigue, or for promoting good quality sleep.

Valerian (6), passiflora (7), and poppy (8) : these medicinal plants rich in active ingredients (valerenic acid for the first and alkaloids for the second and third) are traditional home remedies for countering fatigue. Calming plants such as these can also be found in synergistic formulations (like Advanced Sleep Formula or the ‘soporific sweets’ Sleep Gummies).

Take care of your mental health

Depression and anxiety are mental health disorders which have a significant impact on daytime energy levels and thus fatigue, as well as sleep quality, creating a vicious circle.

Interestingly, it just so happens that exercise, sex, a healthy balanced diet with plenty of raw fruits and vegetables, light therapy and medicinal plants can also be excellent remedies for poor mental health . And thus, indirectly, for fatigue!

If, however, none of our tips for fighting fatigue prove effective, or you think you’re suffering from low mood, it’s wise to consult a health professional for an accurate diagnosis.

To summarise then, there is no miracle cure for feeling tired. The key to eliminating fatigue lies in a combination of a healthy diet, good quality sleep and physical activity. Topped up with the occasional use of vitamins, plants and other natural substances!


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