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Vinpocetine dietary supplement to fuel the brain

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Superior quality vinpocetine supplement
  • Derived from vincamine extracted from periwinkle (Vinca minor L).
  • Reviewed in over 700 recent scientific publications.
  • Excellent dose of 45mg of vinpocetine a day.
  • Delivered in vegetarian capsules.

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Vinpocetine 15mg is a dietary supplement containing vinpocetine, a derivative of vincamine extracted from periwinkle (Vinca minor L).

Because of its rheological properties, and action on cerebral blood flow and metabolism, it is primarily used for its neuroprotective effects and is one of the most sought-after supplements for brain nutrition.

Who is Vinpocetine 15mg aimed at?

Vinpocetine 15mg is of potential interest to several groups of people:

  • those with recurrent memory problems;
  • those affected by cerebral dysfunction;
  • those wishing to increase their cerebral metabolism momentarily or permanently;
  • those at high risk of cardiovascular problems;
  • those suffering from presbycusis (age-related hearing loss);
  • those regularly affected by tinnitus.

What benefits are offered by vinpocetine?

A number of studies have demonstrated the positive effects of vinpocetine on cognition, hearing and memory (1-3), with several mechanisms of action identified:

  1. it increases blood flow to the brain (4-6) ;
  2. it facilitates the supply of oxygen and glucose to brain cells (7) ;
  3. it supports energy production in brain cell mitochondria;
  4. it helps inhibit a substance called phosphodiesterase;
  5. it helps increase production of neurotransmitters in the brain.

Two studies have shown that, once ingested, vinpocetine crosses the blood-brain barrier to enter the brain (8-9).

Other research has highlighted its antioxidant (10-11), vasodilatory (12), anti-inflammatory (13-14) and antithrombotic properties (15) which are likely to help reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems.

What is in it Vinpocetine

Organic compound

Any questions?

How should Vinpocetine 15mg be taken?

The amount of vinpocetine used in clinical trials varied from 20mg to 50mg a day, and was ideally spread across three doses. Taking 2-3 capsules of Vinpocetine 15mg (30-45mg) a day is therefore fully consistent with the doses examined.

It’s worth noting that vinpocetine is absorbed best by the body when taken with food(16).

Should I be aware of any contraindications before buying vinpocetine?

Vinpocetine plays a role in inhibiting blood platelets.

It is therefore not recommended for those suffering from bleeding disorders or who have had surgery.
Neither should it be taken alongside drugs or supplements which also affect platelet activity, such as high-dose garlic, ginkgo biloba or vitamin E supplements.

Vinpocetine has been used in many countries for over 30 years, particularly for treating neurological issues relating to cerebrovascular problems such as stroke and ischaemia. No serious side-effects have been found from taking it at therapeutic doses, including long-term use.

Vinpocetine is photosensitive and should therefore be stored away from light.

What are other nootropic supplements?

It’s worth considering other innovative nootropic supplements such as Sarcosine and Homotaurine.


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Excellent 39 Reviews
Massuyeau Jacqueline

april 14 2024

Produit conseillé par ma gynéco, et j'ai suivi son conseil, et suis content su résultat.


april 2 2024

Le produit agit rapidement (en moins d'une semaine). J'ai senti un net mieux dans ma capacité à me concentrer et à réagir à des problèmes conceptuels.


february 13 2024

Un produit de synthèse et de qualité


january 16 2024

très bon produit qui tient ses promesses

Selva Angelika

december 21 2023

Sehr gute Erfahrung, zeigt hervorragende Wirkung bei Schwindel, brain fog, ausgelöst durch geomagnetischen Sturm nach Sonneneruptionen ( bin dafür sehr anfällig ), oder andere durch Frequenzen ( evtentuell 5G )verursachte Zustände, sehr hilfreich bei neuronalen Entzündungen.

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