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Pyridoxamine is a natural form of vitamin B6, a powerful glycation inhibitor.
  • Combats the development of diabetes complications and hyperlipidaemia.
  • Protects against renal and vascular diseases.
  • Can limit the damage to proteins created by glycoxidation and lipoxydation reactions.

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Pyridoxamine is one of three natural forms of vitamin B6, now in vegetarian capsules, available to buy in Supersmart's catalogue. Several studies have shown that it is effective at inhibiting the formation of Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs) and that it helps delay or prevent the development of certain complications of diabetes.

What do studies indicate about Pyridoxamine?

In vitro and animal studies suggest that pyridoxamine:

  • Inhibits the formation of AGEs and ALEs (Advanced Lipoxidation End-products) by preventing oxidative damage from Amidori products and thus combats the development of diabetes complications and hyperlipidaemia.
  • Reduces oxidative stress by inhibiting reactive oxygen species.
  • Restricts increases in chemical modifications to tissue protein as well as in the diseases associated with these modifications, such as diabetes and atherosclerosis.
  • Inhibits the formation of AGEs/ALEs and hyperlipidaemia, as shown in non-diabetic models, and protects against renal and vascular diseases; a phase II study of 84 patients showed that pyridoxamine slows down the progress of renal insufficiency.
  • Protects the diabetic retina from various pathological changes and should therefore be of benefit in treating diabetic retinopathy. It inhibits AGE formation in the lens by enhancing the activity of aldose reductase and reacting with precursors of AGEs.
  • Inhibits the progress of renal disease, as shown in research on diabetic animals, and reduces hyperlipidaemia and oxidant-antioxidant imbalances.
  • Restores function of the beta cells responsible for insulin production as shown in animals with experimentally-induced diabetes.
  • Neutralizes the highly-reactive and toxic carbonyl compounds formed from the breakdown of glucose and lipids.

Therefore, it appears that pyridoxamine can limit the damage to proteins created by glycoxidation and lipoxydation reactions and may be beneficial for diseases which involve hyperlipidaemia and/or oxidative stress. You can buy Pyridoxamine's capsules at Supersmarts and benefit from its many activities and properties. Its a promising option for treating the complications of diabetes and age-related degenerative diseases involving oxidative reactions and carbonyl compounds.

What is in Pyridoxamine

Pyridoxamine hydrochloride


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Excellent 6 Reviews

march 23 2024

Si vous ne vous souvenez pas de vos rêves, c'est souvent parce que vous manquez de B6. Les rêves sont revenus pour moi, presque tout de suite après la première prise. Ce qui prouve que le produit est vite assimilé par le corps. Voie parentérale.

Cécile Gillet

february 26 2024

Vitamine B6 que je trouve complémentaire à griffonia (5-HTP) pour optimalisation du système nerveux et de la fonction psychologique

Cécile Gillet

november 15 2023

Vitamine B6 très intéressante pour favoriser le sommeil

Heyraud Ariane

june 19 2023

Il faut être extrêmement patiente (3 ans), mais c'est la seule vitamine B6 qui aide petit à petit à faire disparaître les petites boules de graisse sur la peau

Hernandez Mario

june 17 2023


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