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Strona główna Kupuj przez tematyka zdrowotna Przeciwdziałanie procesom starzenia Anti-Glycation Formula
Anti-Glycation Formula
Anti-Glycation Formula Anti-Glycation Formula
Anti-Glycation Formula
Przeciwdziałanie procesom starzenia Opinie klientów
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Cutting-edge anti-ageing formula
  • Designed to inhibit the effects of glycation on ageing.
  • Based on the very latest research.
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    120 Veg. Caps
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    Anti-Glycation Formula

    Anti-Glycation Formula

    Glycation is a process that involves the denaturation of proteins. It is believed to be a significant factor in accelerating the whole ageing process, both at a physical and cellular level.

    ¤ Protein glycation, sometimes called ‘caramelisation', occurs when a sugar reacts with a protein, resulting in ‘glycated' proteins which can neither be destroyed nor released by the cells in which they accumulate.

    ¤ This can lead to tissue, cell and vascular damage, all of which are selective markers of ageing.

    ¤ Along with following basic healthy eating guidelines, it is essential to ingest elements that can specifically protect against glycation.

    ¤ Anti-Glycation Formula can provide those elements.
    It contains :

    ¤ Carnosine :
    di-peptide combination of two amino acids (beta alanine and L-histidine) present in the brain, muscles and other tissues. Concentration of carnosine needs to be fairly high for it to resist destruction by the enzyme carnosinase.

    ¤ Benfotiamine : a derivative of vitamin B1, or thiamine. Both water- and fat-soluble, it is a much more absorbable form which passes easily through cell membranes.
    - It is beneficial in treating diabetes-related peripheral neuropathy.
    - It has a significant inhibitory effect on AGE (Advanced Glycation End) products and provides effective protection for ocular health, the nervous system and blood vessels, all of which are particularly vulnerable.

    ¤ Aminoguanidine : along with carnosine, benfotiamine and pyridoxamine, has glycation-fighting properties.
    - Its favourable effect on blood coagulation helps increase collagen density in the blood vessels, while its sugar and fat metabolism-regulating properties make it an extremely useful element.

    ¤ L-histidine : helps increase carnosine absorption, and by countering the effect of carnosinase, helps protect cell proteins (in the veins, brain, skin and kidneys).

    ¤ Sodium R lipoate : the natural form of lipoic acid, protects antioxidants and mitochondria. It also protects neurons by encouraging production of acetylcholine, a key neurotransmitter.

    ¤ Guava leaf (Psidium guajava) : is an inhibitor of AGE products, LDL, glycation and cholesterol.

    ¤ Extract of yerba mate leaf: containing caffeic acid, can inhibit up to 95% of AGE products.

    ¤ Pyridoxamine : combats the formation of atheromatous plaque and prevents damage to DNA.

    ¤ Banaba extract (see our formulation Glucofit™) prevents sugar remaining in cells from being converted into fat. Its effect is related to its corosolic acid content (1%). Together, the ingredients in this formulation work synergistically to combat and inhibit the unwelcome effects of glycation.
    Informacje żywieniowe
    Daily dose : 4 capsules
    Number of doses per pack : 30
    Amount per dose
    L-carnosine 1000 mg
    Benfotiamine 120 mg
    Aminoguanidine 100 mg
    L-histidine 88 mg
    Sodium R-lipoate 80 mg
    Guava leaf extract 4:1 80 mg
    Yerba mate leaf extract 4:1 60 mg
    Pyridoxamine 60 mg
    Banaba leaf extract (1% corosolic acid) 10 mg
    Other ingredients : Guma akacjowa, maka ryzowa.
    Sposób stosowania
    adults. Take two vegetarian capsules twice a day, with or in between meals.


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    Anti-Glycation Formula
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