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Strona główna Kupuj przez tematyka zdrowotna Zdrowie hormonalne Natural Anti Prolactin Support
Natural Anti Prolactin Support
Natural Anti Prolactin Support
0709Natural Anti Prolactin Support
Natural Anti Prolactin Support
Zdrowie hormonalne
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A synergy of nutrients and plant extracts to improve the balance of sex hormones
120 Veg. Caps.
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Natural Anti Prolactin Support

Natural Anti Prolactin Support

Prolactin is a peptide hormone secreted by lactotropic cells in the anterior pituitary. Comprising 199 amino acids, it has a similar structure to that of growth hormone.

Prolactin binds to specific membrane receptors (mammary glands, ovaries, uterus, testes ...) and has multiple properties:

It has a predominantly lactogenic effect, initiating and maintaining lactation in nursing mothers.
Together with other hormones, it helps ensure a stable libido and thus plays a major role in sexual pleasure and well-being.
It also participates in angiogenesis (the formation of new blood vessels).
Prolactin is regulated by:
    • dopamine which inhibits its release;
    • PRH (prolactin-releasing hormone) and TRH (thyrotropin-releasing hormone) which stimulate its production in the same way as oestrogen – by reducing dopamine secretion and acting directly on the pituitary gland. Orgasm increases the release of prolactin the effect of which can be felt for several hours.
A relatively rare condition, hypoprolactinaemia produces a loss of libido which may be accompanied by fatigue, depression and weight gain.

It is usually caused by ingestion of, most commonly, dopamine agonist substances (dopamine, GABA, bromocriptine).
While prolactin has health benefits, it does however have negative effects in both men and women, particularly when present at excessive levels.
Hyperprolactinaemia is indeed a more common problem. Excess prolactin may be due to a variety of factors: pituitary adenomas, psychotropic drugs or dopamine antagonists (domperidone). Symptoms include:
    • In women: galactorrhoea (abnormal production of breast milk), loss of sex drive, osteoporosis, amenorrhea (absence of periods).
    • In men: decreased testosterone, erectile dysfunction, loss of sexual desire, reduced sperm production …
Taking Natural Anti Prolactin Support will help prevent these problems, without causing the side-effects seen with some pharmaceutical products prescribed for such conditions (bromocriptine, cabergoline). , In particular, these include negative effects on cardiovascular health, blood pressure and sleep due to decreased melatonin …

100% natural, exclusive formulation

Natural Anti Prolactin Support is an exclusive formulation combining every substance that has been scientifically demonstrated as completely safe and clinically active for lowering elevated prolactin levels:

Natural tocopherols

Natural vitamin E is called d-alpha tocopherol, but studies now show it is better to consume the full vitamin E spectrum – ie, all the natural tocopherols -– the antioxidant properties of which are widely acknowledged.

A recent study showed that a high dose of natural tocopherols, such as that in Natural Anti Prolactin Support, lowered prolactin levels by almost 70%.

Pyridoxal 5-phosphate and zinc orotate

Like all B group vitamins, vitamin B6 has many functions within the body. It improves mood and plays a role in maintaining normal blood pressure and blood sugar levels …

But it is also essential for testosterone production and particularly for reducing levels of prolactin, through modulation of dopamine receptors in the hypothalamus in both men and women, while increasing levels of growth hormone, especially during physical exercise.

Vitamin B6 is also directly linked to the action of zinc and a number of studies have shown that zinc deficiency increases levels of prolactin. Zinc plays an important role in hormone homeostasis, interacting with the majority of hormones. This includes, in particular, those of the pituitary gland such as prolactin - known to stimulate unwelcome production of dihydrotestosterone – on which zinc has an inhibitory effect.

These nutrients are combined with four plant extracts, highly concentrated in active substances, to significantly lower elevated prolactin levels:
• Mucuna pruriens, standardised in L-dopa, inhibits prolactin production in a similar way to bromocriptine and L-dopa, without producing side-effects. It significantly increases sperm numbers and activity in infertile subjects and improves dopaminergic functions in both fertile and infertile individuals. It also has anti-depressant, anti-anxiety and neurostimulant effects.
• Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), or ‘Indian ginseng’, is a GABA agonist and a recognised adaptogen, and is widely used to help individuals relax and ‘let go’ during stressful periods.
• Extract of American ginseng root (Panax quinquefolius) has been shown to almost halve prolactin levels in studies on rats. It also improves erectile function by increasing production of nitric oxide (NO) while reducing levels of prolactin and by targeting the dopamine system.
• Extract of maca root helps raise levels of dopamine and NO. It thus has a positive effect on erectile problems and reduced fertility. It also significantly lowers prolactin levels.

In order to benefit from these effects, a dose of four capsules a day is recommended.
Informacje żywieniowe
Daily dose: 4 capsules
Number of doses per pack: 30
Amount per dose
Covi-ox® T-30 P (mix of natural tocopherols standardised to 30%) 300 mg
Pyridoxal-5-phosphate (Vitamin B6) 150 mg
Zinc orotate 100 mg
Extract of Mucuna pruriens standardised to 15% L-dopa 200 mg
Extract 4:1 of American ginseng root (Panax quinquefolius) 250 mg
Extract of ashwagandha root (Withania somnifera) standardised to 5% withanolides 250 mg
Extrait 4:1 of maca root 300 mg
Other ingredients: Guma akacjowa, biale maka ryzowa.
Covi-ox® T-30 P, BASF, Allemagne.
Sposób stosowania
adults. Take four capsules a day.
4.8 /5 4 oceny
5.0 / 5
4.8 / 5
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4.8 / 5

Oceny 4
75 %
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Produit qui reste cher lorsqu'on doit le prendre à vie ... ! Dommage jamais de promo sur ce produit
Great product
utile ad annullare gli effetti di miei livelli di prolattina più alti del normale
Fred H
Efficace avec action rapide.


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Natural Anti Prolactin Support
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