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Chronic fatigue: how to combat it

Today, the SuperSmart experts are focusing on chronic fatigue. Though it remains poorly understood and recognised, it’s a condition which should not be seen as untreatable. On the contrary, treating chronic fatigue today means taking up the fight! You need to identify the potential causes and eliminate them one by one.
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Do you have chronic fatigue?

The definition of chronic fatigue remains vague. It is often referred to as chronic fatigue syndrome because in addition to the persistent, extreme tiredness, other symptoms tend to develop.

Following are some of the most common symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome:

These multiple symptoms are explained by the body’s profound lack of energy and vitality. Constant fatigue takes hold and the body can no longer cope or find the energy to defend itself or carry out daily tasks.

What causes chronic fatigue?

We still don’t know the exact cause/s of chronic fatigue. Studies suggest it could be triggered by several factors.

Among those investigated are:

These different factors have something in common: they develop, increase and can cause various complications in the long term. This underlines the importance of properly tackling chronic fatigue.

What solutions are available for treating chronic fatigue?

To date, there is no specific treatment for chronic fatigue. It has to be addressed on an individual basis depending on what’s thought to have caused it. Below are some examples of how to treat or prevent chronic fatigue syndrome.

1. Prevent nutritional deficiencies

The link between fatigue and nutritional deficiency is now widely-acknowledged. The body needs a broad range of nutrients for good health – in this context, iron, a trace-element which plays a role in energy metabolism in the body, is particularly important. Dietary supplements have been developed to prevent or correct iron deficiency. They include, for example, the highly-bioavailable Iron Bisglycinate.

2. Combat stress

Stress is considered the scourge of modern society - and with good cause. It can lead to mental and physical exhaustion. Burn-out, depression … the long-term consequences of stress are by no means trivial. A wide range of dietary supplements has been developed to help combat stress and anxiety. These are formulated using compounds recognised for their natural stress-busting efficacy. For example, the new supplement Relaxing Oil Blend combines the most relaxing essential oils.

3. Regain restorative sleep

Fatigue is often associated with a lack of sleep, but it is not simply a question of quantity: quality of sleep is also crucial for addressing chronic fatigue. To ensure good quality sleep, several steps are recommended such as going to bed at a regular hour, and not going to bed within two hours of eating a meal … Drowsiness can also be encouraged with the aid of plants such as valerian, hop, hawthorn and passiflora. You’ll find all of these in the formulation Advanced Sleep Formula.

4. Boost the immune system

Chronic fatigue often follows a bacterial or viral infection such as the ‘flu. Persistent fatigue may be caused by a compromised immune system which is no longer able to withstand the spread of pathogens and needs a helping hand. One potential aid is arabinogalactan, a natural immune stimulant extracted from the larch tree Larix occidentalis.



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