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Health professionals’ views of our dietary supplements

Why do these health experts recommend SuperSmart?

Want to know why pharmacists, naturopaths and nutritionists recommend SuperSmart? Discover, in their own words, what they think and which products are their favourites.

Health experts’ general comments about us

The health professionals surveyed highlight:

  • the quality of SuperSmart’s products (composition, traceability, dosage, safety, absence of side effects ...) Lisa Salis, therapist and trainer, applauds the “value placed on scientific research … which is reflected in the quality of the products”, as well as how appropriate the choices are in our synergistic formulations. The pharmacist-naturopath Béatrice Toutain appreciates the fact that we select the “most effective biochemical forms”, while therapist Philippe Thepaut approves of our “therapeutic dosages”;
  • the wide range of supplements offered. According to Sophie Erario, a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, we offer “many products you won’t find elsewhere”. Another expert in Chinese medicine, Fabien Boutamjine, notes that the wide choice of products enables him to choose precisely the right supplement for his patients’ needs;
  • the efficacy of the supplements. Jean-Charles Weber, a naturopath- hypnotist, says he “noticed immediately how effective they were”, while naturopath Hinda Djeridi tells us her clients always give her excellent feedback on SuperSmart products;
  • the brand’s capacity for innovation. Osteopath Jean-Yves Kreiter commends the “laboratory’s constant innovation”, while Nicolas Grillat-Rondolat, a dietitian-nutritionist, notes SuperSmart’s ability to regularly create new, ever-more effective supplements.
  • the reliable delivery. Nutritionist Maryse Thiebaud is impressed by the professionalism of our delivery service, while Dominique Garaffa, doctor of naturopathy, agrees that “delivery is fast and products are well-packaged”. Other therapists also mention how quickly our team responds.

But precisely which SuperSmart supplements are these health specialists’ top choices?

The most popular dietary supplements

According to the health professionals we contacted, the supplements they recommend most frequently are:

The product mentioned most often: the multivitamin Daily 3®

Unsurprisingly, our bestselling multivitamin, Daily 3®, is one of the SuperSmart supplements mentioned most often by these health specialists.

It is particularly recommended by nutritionist Maryse Thiebaud, doctor of naturopathy Dominique Garaffa, holistic naturopath Nathalie Frery, nutritional and vital hygiene therapist Hélène Tinguely and naturopath Renée-Christine Nowakowski.

These health professionals all like its balanced and exceptionally comprehensive composition. As you probably know, the multivitamin Daily 3® contains 42 different compounds, all in their optimal forms: vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, PQQ... Perfect for boosting your energy levels (1-2).

A whole page dedicated to the views of health professionals

If you’d like to read the views and advice of these specialists in detail, visit our dedicated page which contains all the recommendations of our health experts :



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  2. Haskell CF, Robertson B, Jones E, Forster J, Jones R, Wilde A, Maggini S, Kennedy DO. Effects of a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement on cognitive function and fatigue during extended multi-tasking. Hum Psychopharmacol. 2010 Aug;25(6):448-61. doi: 10.1002/hup.1144. PMID: 20737518.


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