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Advanced Zinc Bisglycinate Lozenges

Suckable zinc bisglycinate supplement: immunity, cognition

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Excellent zinc lozenge supplement which helps boost the immune system
  • 90 suckable zinc tablets in lozenge form, with a refreshing mint flavour.
  • Helps to boost the immune system and fight infections (colds, flu ...)
  • Supports good cognitive health.
  • Helps maintain healthy vision and skin.
  • Supports healthy bones, hair and nails.
  • Also plays a role in protecting cells against oxidative stress.
  • Made from zinc bisglycinate, the form of zinc the body absorbs best.

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90 lozenges

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Advanced Zinc Bisglycinate Lozenges

No controversial excipients
No sweeteners

Advanced Zinc Lozenges is astate-of-the-art zinc supplement, expertly developed by SuperSmart’s research team.

This supplement enables you to significantly increase your daily intake of zinc, a trace element essential for health. Zinc helps to both improve the immune system, cognitive health, and DNA synthesis and maintain healthy bones and skin.

More specifically, Advanced Zinc Lozenges is composed of zinc bisglycinate, the most bioavailable form of zinc available, giving it optimal efficacy. It comes in convenient strong>lozenge form, with a pleasant mint flavour.

What exactly is zinc?

Zinc is a mineral with the chemical symbol Zn. Thisessential trace-element and potent antioxidant plays a role in more than 200 enzyme reactions in the human body. The second most abundant mineral in the body after iron, zinc is primarily found in the muscles, bones, skin and liver.

The body obtains zinc from the diet, usually from animal-source foods. It is mainly present in seafood(oysters, crab, lobster ...) and offal(calves’ or pigs’ liver ...), as well as in some plant-source foods (cooked legumes, toasted sesame seeds ...)

Zinc deficiency is often widespread in the population. This lack of zinc can cause fatigue, low mood, hair loss, poor appetite, and delayed wound-healing, as well as more significant problems (compromised immunity, frequent colds, increased susceptibility to pneumonia, diarrhoea, depression ...)

The benefits offered by Advanced Zinc Lozenges

The dietary supplement Advanced Zinc Lozenges provides the body with an excellent intake of zinc, a compound with multiple health benefits (1).

First and foremost, zinc supports:

  • normal immune system function. Indeed many experts recommend supplementing with zinc to help prevent and treat ailments such as colds and flu. Zinc actually helps to eliminate virus-infected cells, facilitating their phagocytosis and preventing them from spreading infection. According to a Finnish study, zinc pastilles in particular, are useful for relieving colds (2-4) ;
  • normal cognitive function. Several studies have shown that zinc helps to improve mental performance and spatial memory (5-6) ;
  • protection of cells against oxidative stress. Zinc inhibits the enzyme NADPH oxidase (NOX), a key player in oxidative stress. It also stimulates production of metallothionein, a group of proteins that help trap free radicals (7-8) ;
  • and normal synthesis of DNA. Zinc is an essential component of numerous transcription factors involved in the response to and repair of damage to DNA (9-11).

Zinc also has significant effects on many other aspects of health. It helps to maintain healthy:

  • vision ;
  • bones ;
  • hair ;
  • nails ;
  • and skin(12).

In addition, zinc supports normal:

  • acid-base metabolism ;
  • carbohydrate metabolism ;
  • fertility and reproduction ;
  • testosterone levels in the blood;
  • macronutrient metabolism ;
  • fatty acid metabolism ;
  • vitamin A metabolism ;
  • protein synthesis ;
  • and zinc also plays a role in the process of cell division (13).

Zinc bisglycinate, the most bioavailable of all the forms of zinc

Advanced Zinc Lozenges is specifically composed of zinc bisglycinate, the form known to be both the most bioavailable, and the best-absorbed and best-tolerated by the body, on a par with zinc orotate. One study showed that zinc bisglycinate had 43.4% higher bioavailability when compared with zinc gluconate (14).

What is in Advanced Zinc Bisglycinate Lozenges


Any questions?

How should you take Advanced Zinc Lozenges?

Simply suck one Advanced Zinc Lozenge a day, between meals.

Each pastille contains 10mg of zinc, dosed to ensure you do not exceed the generally-recommended daily upper limit of 15mg of zinc/day.

It is best to leave a two hour gap between taking zinc and either cycline or fluoroquinolone antibiotics, or strontium. The same applies if you want to take an iron supplement, as this trace-element is known to impair the absorption of zinc. If you have a bacterial infection, it is also important to temporarily stop taking your zinc supplements.

Everyday tips to help strengthen your immune system

Want to do more to boost your immune defences? Here are our three key tips:

  1. get enough sleep! Sleep is known to help the immune system function and rebuild itself. It also promotes learning, memorisation and repair of the nervous system;
  2. take regular exercise (walking, cycling, swimming ...) Moderate exercise has a positive effect on physical and mental well-being and helps boost the immune system. Physical activity may even help to prevent the gradual decline in immunity that comes with age;
  3. try to manage your stress better. The body’s stress hormones (adrenalin and noradrenalin) tend to overstimulate immune cell surface receptors. As a result, they interrupt the production of cytokines, molecules essential for strong immunity. So try to schedule in breaks during the day to restore a calm, relaxed state of mind, and a fully-functioning immune system.
Additional supplements to take in tandem

Finally, there are other natural substances beneficial to health that will help maximise the effects of this zinc supplement.

Alongside Advanced Zinc Lozenges, you could take a course of vitamin C. Like zinc, this most famous of vitamins is recognised for supporting normal immune system function and protection of cells against oxidative stress. Essential for the renewal of white cells, vitamin C helps in particular to lessen the severity and duration of colds. It also helps reduce fatigue. Ideally, opt for the supplement Liposomal Vitamin C, the most absorbable form of vitamin C on the market.

Taken orally, the specialised formulation Organic Defense Mix allows you to obtain the multiple benefits of four essential oils... Amongst others, this unique supplement contains essential oil of peppermint, which helps soothe the mouth and throat, and essential oil of oregano, which supports stomach and gut health.


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Excellent 10 Reviews
Jean Marie Loirette

october 8 2023

plus facile pour l'absortion

Bernard Michel

may 7 2024

totalement satisfait par ce produit

completely satisfied with this product

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april 30 2024

Goede smaak

Good taste

see the translation Translated by SuperSmart - see the original

Nicolas Wirth

march 24 2024

je ne peux pas donner d'avis pour le moment je ne l'utilise que depuis peu .

I cannot give an opinion at the moment as I have only been using it for a short time.

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Goldman Melody

february 8 2024

A bien solidifié mes ongles

Has strengthened my nails well

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