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Dental & Gingival Formula

Supplement for swollen gums and periodontal disorders

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Formula tested for swollen gums, periodontal disorders, and dental health
  • Contains TEES-10®, a blend of extracts of Ligularia stenocephala leaf and Secale cereale rye sprout.
  • Natural, innovative treatment tested in patients suffering from gingivitis and periodontitis.
  • Several studies suggest highly-promising effects on the health and sensitivity of the gums, the periodontium (the tissues supporting the teeth) and the teeth themselves.
  • Thought to work by reducing inflammation and supporting the alveolar bone which contains the tooth sockets.
  • Each of the 60 vegetarian capsules delivers 150 mg of TEES-10®.

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Dental & Gingival Formula

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Dental & Gingival Formula is an oral hygiene dietary supplement containing TEES-10®, a blend of extracts of Ligularia stenocephala leaf and Secale cereale rye sprout.

It has been the subject of two clinical studies which indicate potential benefits for the health and sensitivity of the gums (swollen gums, inflammation of the gums ...), the periodontium (the tissues supporting the teeth) and the teeth themselves.

What’s in Dental & Gingival Formula?

Dental & Gingival Formula contains two natural extracts of interest for gum health :

  1. a leaf extract of narrow-headed leopard plant (Ligularia stenocephala). Part of the Asteraceae family (which also includes dandelion and yarrow), this perennial plant’s potential effects on inflammatory mediators and the antioxidant system are the subject of intense scientific study (1-2). Widely-used in Asian folk medicine, it is consumed raw, especially in Korea where it is known as ‘Gondalbi’;
  2. an extract of sprouted rye seeds (Secale cereale). In addition to their high content of B vitamins and vitamin E, which helps protect cells against oxidative stress, these sprouted seeds contain many potentially antioxidant components such as phenolic compounds (3-4).

These two extracts are combined in the patented compound TEES-10® which has been shown in two clinical studies to be effective against both gingivitis and periodontitis (5-6).

What exactly is gingivitis?

Gingivitis is an inflammatory condition of the gums. This inflammation is a natural response to attack, usually from harmful bacteria present in dental plaque.

Though it is a normal defence response, it can lead to tissue damage. Persistent gingivitis needs to be taken seriously to prevent it progressing to periodontitis, a chronic inflammatory gum disease which gradually destroys the tooth-supporting apparatus.

The following symptoms are suggestive of gingivitis:

  • gums that are red (or even purplish) and swollen (enlarged);
  • gums that are sensitive and sometimes painful during acute episodes;
  • gums that bleed during teeth-brushing or spontaneously;
  • palpable inflammation of the gum ;
  • bad breath.

How can a natural treatment relieve inflamed gums?

The mouth is host to billions of microorganisms belonging to hundreds of different species. Many of them stick to the surface of the teeth and gums, attracted by the protein in saliva (this is referred to as the salivary biofilm). In the space of a few hours, these bacteria form a complex and increasingly strong habitat, known as dental plaque.

This plaque, which is constantly being enriched by secretions from microorganisms, does not pose a risk as long as the bacteria growing on it are harmless. But eating high-carb foods, especially simple carbohydrates such as sucrose, encourages the growth of pathogenic bacteria which are attracted by the sugary residues sticking to the dental plaque. After feeding on it, they release lactic acid, a compound toxic to other bacteria and particularly damaging to dental tissue.

This process is the main cause of dental caries (progressive destruction of the tooth by bacteria releasing various acids) and gingivitis.

There are 3 recognised ways – complementary and equally important – of reducing it:

  • regularly remove the dental plaque which forms and reforms, by means of mechanical brushing;
  • eat fewer sugary foods (especially between meals) ;
  • consume antioxidant-rich foods which regulate the production of inflammatory mediators, to combat dental plaque bacteria and the inflammation that develops there.

The innovative and natural supplement Dental & Gingival Formula has been conceived on the basis of this 3rd strategic recommendation. As well as acting on inflammation, it also appears to support the alveolar bone (which contains the tooth sockets) by increasing both its volume and numbers of osteoblasts, a type of cell needed for tooth and bone formation.

What is in Dental & Gingival Formula

TEES-10® (mixture of 60% Ligularia stenocephala leaf extract and 40% Secale cereale rye germ extract)

Any questions?

How should Dental & Gingival Formula be taken on a daily basis?

To obtain the many benefits of Dental & Gingival Formula, you simply need to take two capsules a day with a glass of water.

Are there natural ways of treating and preventing gingivitis (swollen gums, inflammation of the gums)?

Gingivitis can be naturally prevented by ensuring impeccable oral hygiene. It’s important to brush the teeth regularly and maintain frequent dental appointments. Taking natural products such as Dental & Gingival Formula or certain natural extracts (myrrh, sage, marigold) completes this simple and effective approach.

Alongside supplementation, we’d also recommend following these scientifically-recognised measures for maintaining healthy teeth and gums in general:

  • avoid processed food, particularly ready-meals, which generally reduce both chewing and the secretion of saliva, as well as liquid and acidic products such as fizzy drinks;
  • change your toothbrush every 3 months;
  • after lunch, try chewing some natural, sugar-free gum, an effective and calorie-free way of stimulating saliva secretion. Saliva helps to fight dental plaque naturally. This is one of the recommendations made by numerous oral health organisations;
  • brush your teeth twice a day (no more as it can damage the tooth surface over time) using a manual rather than electric toothbrush as it less abrasive for tooth enamel. Ideally, use a natural toothpaste free from synthetic additives, preservatives, abrasives and artificial flavourings (such as Power Smile™ Toothpaste);
  • see your dentist at least once a year, especially for tartar removal (scaling) as tartar contributes to bacterial plaque. Depending on your health, your dentist may also recommend mouthwashes and perhaps direct you towards essential oils (lemon, clove, sage …) ;
  • ensure a good intake of calcium which helps maintain healthy teeth, by regularly consuming dairy products, canned sardines and almonds, or take a specific supplement to obtain higher amounts (such as Calcium Orotate) ;
  • take oral probiotics (such as Oral Health), especially if you think you don’t produce enough saliva, in order to maintain an optimal bacterial balance in your mouth;
  • make sure you drink at least 2 litres of water a day.


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Excellent 9 Reviews
Colnel Jacqueline

april 17 2024

il est trop tôt pour évaluer le produit rendez vous dans 2mois

It is too early to evaluate the product, check back in 2 months

see the translation Translated by SuperSmart - see the original

Alain Depireux

april 10 2024

en attente de résultat

awaiting results

see the translation Translated by SuperSmart - see the original


march 25 2024

J'ai l'impression d'avoir des gencives plus fermes. Je le prends surtout à titre préventif car la membrane de mes gencives est très fine, trop fine.

I feel like my gums are firmer. I take it mainly as a preventive measure because the membrane of my gums is very thin, too thin.

see the translation Translated by SuperSmart - see the original


march 25 2024

Je n'utilisé pas ce produit depuis assez longtemps pour avoir un avis quant à son efficacité

I haven't used this product long enough to have an opinion on its effectiveness

see the translation Translated by SuperSmart - see the original

Alain Depireux

march 2 2024

En test, plus tard pour l'avis

In testing, review to follow later

see the translation Translated by SuperSmart - see the original

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