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Food supplementAgaricus bisporus (Champex®) for breath

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Patented extract of the mushroom Agaricus bisporus for combatting volatile, malodorous compounds

  • Naturally extracted from the mushroom Agaricus bisporus using a cutting-edge, proprietary manufacturing process.
  • Some people’s bodies are less effective at protecting against the bacteria that cause malodorous substances.
  • Bad breath is a common problem which contributes to social isolation.
  • Helps neutralise malodorous compounds produced in the digestive tract (methane, trimethylamine, indole, skatole, amongst others), then released into the blood and exhaled air.
  • Helps reduce bad breath and body odour.

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Champex® is a dietary supplement containing extract of Agaricus bisporus mushroom. Produced entirely in Japan by a consistently-innovative company, it supports immune health, and above all, helps to fight bad breath.

What is halitosis?

Halitosis is the scientific name for bad breath. Though not a disease, it’s a common problem which affects everyone at some point in their life.

There are a number of potential causes but most often, it’s simply the result of a degradation process. Under the influence of various physicochemical factors, oral and gut bacteria convert certain nutrients (mostly peptides or amino acids such as cysteine, methionine and tryptophan) into malodorous compounds called volatile sulphur compounds (VSC).

The microbes most associated with producing bad breath are anaerobic Gram-negative bacteria. Almost 90% of foul-smelling gases are made of hydrogen sulphide (which smells like rotten eggs), but there is also methyl mercaptan or methanethiol (with the smell of putrid cabbage), dimethyl sulphide (decomposing vegetables) and dimethyl disulphide (rancid cabbage) (1).

However, there are other types of bad breath:

  • Ozostomia, where the bad breath comes from the upper respiratory tract.
  • Stomatodysodia, in which lung problems are the cause.
  • Hyperosmia where people have a heightened sense of smell.
  • Halitosis caused by a disease, particularly digestive, metabolic (diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver) or kidney problems. Here, the malodorous substances accumulate in the blood and are transported to the lungs and from there, exhaled via the mouth.
  • Halitosis caused by a nutritional deficiency (mainly vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin K, iron and zinc).
  • Halitosis as a result of diet: caused by eating foods that either directly promote bad breath (garlicky food, radishes, turnips, certain spices, cabbage, cauliflower, certain fish and dairy products, high in sulphur), or temporarily make the mouth dry (coffee, alcohol, for example).

How does Champex® stop bad breath?

Champex® contains amino acids (glutamic acid, alanine, threonine, leucine and serine) crucial for helping to neutralise the intestinal ammonia and sulphur that cause certain types of body odour. In one scientific study (2), taking Champex® for 14 days reduced concentrations of putrid substances by 40% to 60% compared with initial levels.

5 good reasons to take bad breath seriously

  1. Bad breath is often considered taboo: it can lead to social isolation (3).
  2. The majority of people who have bad breath don’t know it because our olfactory senses get used to our own body smells. Our olfactory receptors become inured to stimulation by the familiar odorous molecules we release in what is termed olfactory fatigue (4).
  3. There is no way of preventing the production of the infamous volatile sulphur compounds (VSC). They are released from the gut into the oral cavity or bloodstream.
  4. Those over 60 are at particular risk because they often produce less saliva which is important for fighting the bacteria that cause bad breath.
  5. Some people’s bodies are just less effective at protecting against the bacteria responsible, their saliva is just not as good at fighting dental plaque. Such individuals therefore need to use additional means to combat it (better oral healthcare, natural solutions, stricter diet …).

What is in it Champex®


Any questions?

How should you take Champex®?

We recommend one capsule to be taken with each meal. If necessary, you can take up to 6 capsules a day. In studies on Champex® (5), 30 days’ consecutive supplementation was often the duration tested.

Throughout the supplementation period, we recommend avoiding asparagus, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, excessive consumption of eggs and fish, garlic, and raw onions.

A natural tip for fighting bad breath is to mix together 6 drops of essential oil of lemon, 6 of essential oil of noble laurel and 5ml of vegetable oil. Place 5 drops of this mixture on your tongue, 6-7 times a day.

It’s worth noting that in 80% of cases, bad breath is caused by a problem with the teeth or gums. To remedy this, we recommend:

  • Brushing twice a day, morning and night, for around 2 minutes.
  • Drinking plenty of water, throughout the day. A regular intake of water prevents the growth of the oral bacteria responsible for bad breath.
  • Reduce your consumption of coffee. An astringent, it dries out the mouth and thus encourages the development of bacteria that cause bad breath.
  • Don’t go without food for too long. The longer you stay hungry, the more the bacteria that cause bad breath will proliferate in your mouth. Eating stimulates the production of saliva and automatically cleans the mouth.
  • Chew sugar-free chewing gum. Chewing increases saliva production which helps prevent bacteria. A good option is Mastic Gum, made with mastic sourced from the Greek island of Chios and flavoured with essential oil of mastic.
  • Eat a balanced diet, with the focus on fibrous vegetables (parsley and celery) which encourage the flow of saliva, and foods low in animal protein which encourage the growth of oral bacteria.
  • Try probiotics.


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Excellent 5 Reviews
Pedro Ragouton

october 15 2023

parfait pour ma pathologie et très efficace

Robert Marie

september 8 2023

Ma fille a un traitement lourd pour son epilepsie et avait un taux d,'amoniemie très élevé. Avec la prise régulière demu champex on taux est maintenu à la normale. Par contre oui le produit est un peu cher et cela demande un sacrifice financier pas toujours évident

Robert Marie

august 22 2023

C'est vrai que le prix est élevé surtout quand il faut en prendre 4 par jours mais devenu indispensable pour faire baisser le taux d'amoniémie de ma fille qui a un traitement très lourd pour une pathologie très sévère

RenÉ L.

september 7 2019

trés bon produit

Jacky Reault

september 27 2018

Sous réserve d'évaluer avec plus de sécurité l'effet sur une insuffisance rénale encore légère mais installée, c'est un produit excellent dont on peut mesurer les effets directement par la masse supplémentaire d'évacuations... J'aimerais que soient plus souvent évoqués en règle générale l'éventualité d'un risque sur les reins.

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