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Chlorella food supplement: detox, liver, immunity & vitality

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Chlorella (freshwater green algae) tablets
  • Helps maintain normal intestinal function.
  • Supports the liver, immune system and red blood cell production.
  • Recommended for detoxification.
  • Exceptionally rich in proteins, iron and vitamin A.

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Chlorella vulgaris is a single-cell green algae found in suspension in many freshwater areas across the world (1).

First identified in 1890 by a Dutch biologist, Martinus Willem Beijerinck, it has been the subject of numerous studies, with scientists particularly interested in its nutrient-rich composition. Indeed, it is still the most chlorophyll-rich nutrient known.

What are the benefits of Chlorella?

Supports detoxification. Several in vitro studies have shown chlorella’s ability to accumulate environmental metals such as arsenic, mercury and hexavalent chromium. It can therefore act as a decontaminant of polluted environments (3-4).

Source of vitamin B12. Chlorella is a plant source, and likely bioavailable source, of vitamin B12 (5), unlike spirulina. It thus represents an alternative source of B12 for those who do not eat animal-source products (vegans and some vegetarians).

Boosts the immune system. A number of in vitro

Antioxidant benefits. Chlorella’s antioxidant content was shown to raise serum levels of vitamins C and E, as well as of catalase and superoxide dismutase, two endogenous antioxidants (10).

What do our chlorella tablets contain?

The chlorella used in our supplement is produced in a controlled environment on the coral island of Ishigaki in Japan. It is not genetically manipulated. Below is its nutritional profile per 100g (the variations are related to seasonality):

Nutritional profile per 100g
  • Proteins: 56g-72 g
  • Vitamin C: 30g-150mg
  • Fibre: 5g-18 g
  • Potassium: 6000mg-1500mg
  • Carotene: 36mg-150mg
  • Vitamin B1: 1mg-3mg
  • Vitamin B2: 3mg-6mg
  • Vitamin B3: 20mg-50mg
  • Digestibility: 80%-85 %
  • Unsaturated fats: 7g-20 g
  • Sodium: 50mg-150mg
  • Iron: 70mg-200mg
  • Chlorophyll: 1800 à 4800mg
  • Calcium: 110mg-330mg
  • Magnesium: 200mg-500mg
  • Vitamin A: 6000 µg-25000 µg
  • Vitamin B6: 1mg-3mg
  • Vitamin B12: 0.01mg-0.03mg
  • Vitamin E: 7mg-21mg
  • Folic acid: 1.2mg-3.6mg

As you can see, Chlorella has an exceptional nutritional profile. It is also very rich in flavonoids, carotenoids (lutein, zeaxanthin in particular) and produces its own antioxidant, glutathione.

It contains the highest known concentration of chlorophyll of all plants, being 60% protein, including all the essential amino acids. All its compounds are present in their natural form.

What is in it Chlorella

Yaeyama chlorella extract

Any questions?

How much Chlorella should you take?

To benefit from chlorella’s detoxifying properties, start by taking 5 tables a day, preferably on an empty stomach, gradually increasing the dose to a maximum of 20 tablets. You’ll find chlorella tablets much more convenient to take than powdered chlorella.

Are there any side-effects associated with taking Chlorella

Chlorella is one of the safest supplements on the market. However, as with all active substances, side-effects can occur, particularly in certain groups of people.

  • Those who have already had problems with detoxification should start off taking lower doses.
  • Those allergic to iodine should take particular care.
  • Those with a delicate digestive system should consult a health professional before starting a course of chlorella.

Can chlorella tablets and spirulina be taken together?

Chlorella and spirulina (a type of cyanobacteria) both have good levels of bioavailable iron. They are extremely rich in nutrients while being very low in calories, and have similar properties, although chlorella has a stronger detoxifying effect than spirulina. It’s therefore completely fine to take chlorella tablets alongside spirulina supplements.


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april 21 2024


Marie Pierre

february 15 2024

Excellent produit pour compléter la spiruline en prenant une petite quantité.


december 29 2023


Christine M.

october 17 2023

Très bien je verrais dans un peu plus de temps l'effet détox mais les petits comprimés sont agréable à avaler


october 17 2023

Un de les produits réguliers afin de nettoyer le corps.

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