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Conjugated linoleic acid supplement for weight-loss diets

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A high-quality conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) supplement
  • Patented extract, supported by 13 clinical studies.
  • Naturally extracted from precious oil of Dyer’s saffron with benefits for metabolism.
  • Derived from linoleic acid which helps to maintain normal cholesterol levels.
  • Part of the family of omega-6 essential fatty acids not produced by the body.

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CLA 800 mg is a unique dietary supplement containing patented conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), naturally obtained from safflower oil. Conjugated linoleic acid is a derivative of linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid which is part of the omega-6 family.

It was discovered completely by chance in the 1980s by scientists investigating carcinogens in grilled meat. Following a number of animal studies, the properties of this fatty acid were used in veterinary medicine to improve the muscle/fat ratio in livestock and its use has since been extended.

Dietary sources: are there any foods rich in CLA?

CLA is found in several animal-source foods, as bacteria in the digestive systems of ruminants converts linoleic acid into CLA. The mammary glands of these animals also appear to be able to perform this conversion (2).

  • Dairy products
  • Cheese (especially aged cheeses)
  • Yogurt
  • Meat from ruminants (beef, lamb)

The Western diet (non-vegetarian) typically provides just 0.5-1g of CLA a day (4). The foods that contain CLA are generally very high in calories, so recommending an increased intake of these foods to anyone watching their weight is not an option.

What about converting linoleic acid into CLA? Humans do not appear to be able to convert plant-source linoleic acid into conjugated linoleic acid as can ruminants, even if this only occurs in minute amounts under the effect of bacterial flora (3) and via a mechanism that remains poorly understood.

How is the supplement CLA 800mg formulated?

It has been developed from safflower oil, which is naturally rich in essential polyunsaturated fatty acids (65%-80 % stearic acid).

Around 70% of the CLA found in food is ‘trans-10, cis-12’ and 30% ‘cis-9, trans-11’ while in the supplement CLA 800mg, these two compounds are present in equal amounts. It therefore delivers 4.8g of the two main active isomers.

What is in CLA

Conjugated linoleic acid
Fatty acid
Safflower oil
Blend of tocopherols

Any questions?

What happens to conjugated linoleic acid in the body once it’s ingested?

The CLA isomers accumulate in human tissue (particularly the liver, mammary tissue, adipose tissue and serum) and are metabolised via several metabolic pathways.

When should I take the supplement CLA 800 mg?

In the morning, after exercise, or with a meal: any time of day is fine. The recommended dose is 3g a day.

Does conjugated linoleic acid cause any side-effects?

CLA 800 mg has been tested in 18 different clinical trials and no side-effects have been reported at recommended doses. A two-year clinical study showed no evidence of serious side-effects from long-term supplementation with conjugated linoleic acid.

Which diet is best alongside supplementation with CLA 800 mg ?

No research has so far been conducted on combining CLA 800mg with specific diets. However, for cutting calories and initiating weight loss, the normal advice is to eat a balanced diet with the emphasis on fruits, vegetables and wholegrains.


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Excellent 8 Reviews

january 21 2024

Efficace dès la première semaine

Effective from the first week

see the translation Translated by SuperSmart - see the original


december 31 2023

Il est trop tôt pour donner un avis précis mais je peux dire que le conditionnement sous forme de gélules huileuses, est parfait;

It is too early to give a precise opinion, but I can say that the packaging in the form of oily capsules is perfect;

see the translation Translated by SuperSmart - see the original

Soulier Anne

april 14 2021

Malheureusement trop cher

Unfortunately too expensive

see the translation Translated by SuperSmart - see the original

Antognelli Mirella

december 8 2020

Prodotto valido

Valid product

see the translation Translated by SuperSmart - see the original

Evelyne Bigant

june 3 2020

gélules un peu grosses; ne pas croquer (irritation).

capsules a bit large; do not chew (irritation).

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