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Food supplement of seeds of paradise tested against fats

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Paradoxine is an extract of paradise seeds with fat-burning properties.
  • Contains 6-paradol, a powerful antioxidant which may also have a fat-burning effect in the body.
  • Offers a gentle way of fighting the accumulation of fat while also attacking existing body fat reserves.
  • Shows efficacy at reducing adipose tissue with an absence of unwelcome side-effects.

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Paradoxine® is formulated from an extract of grains of paradise (Afromomum melegueta) containing 6-paradol, a powerful antioxidant which may also have a fat-burning effect in the body. This is why grains of paradise is often used as a natural fat-burner.

What are the benefits associated with Grains of Paradise?

Also known as melegueta pepper or alligator pepper, grains of paradise is a perennial plant which, like ginger, is part of the Zingiberaceae family. It is native to West Africa where it is widely used both for its digestive benefits and aphrodisiac properties. The beneficial effects of Aframomum melegueta are primarily linked to the presence of an active phenol compound called 6-paradol. This compound is responsible for the plant's spicy taste, similar to that of ginger. The structure of 6-paradol is also close to that of some of the compounds found in ginger, such as zingerone, 6-gingerol and 6-shogaol.

As highlighted in our article on the Top 10 Slimming Plants, there are a number of star performer plants with fat-burning effects. However, grains of paradise is often chosen over others because of its efficacy at reducing adipose tissue and its absence of unwelcome side-effects. Other natural fat-burners contains substances such as caffeine, or capsaicin in chilli peppers, to which some people are sensitive and which in some cases can have a negative effect on the central nervous system.

What do studies show about Grains of Paradise supplementation?

The weight-loss benefits of grains of paradise have been the subject of numerous scientific studies:

  • These have shown that supplementing with this plant extract may not only constitute a gentle way of fighting the accumulation of fat but may also attack existing body fat reserves.
  • Scientists attribute these benefits to the presence of 6-paradol. It may trigger thermogenesis of brown fat tissue, which in turn stimulates weight loss.
  • As well as its slimming effects, extract of grains of paradise offers other health benefits. For example, it is recognised as an effective stimulant.
  • Other studies have looked at the plant's properties, specifically the mechanisms of action of 6-paradol.

Paradoxine® is formulated from an extract of grains of paradise standardised to 12.5% 6-paradol. Delivered in vegetarian capsules, this slimming supplement is now available to buy from our website. The suggested dose is three capsules a day which is equivalent to an optimal intake of 15mg of 6-paradol. This dose can be adjusted in line with your therapist's advice.

Buy Paradoxine® for fat-burning effects.

What is in it Paradoxine®

Seed of paradise extract


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Excellent 8 Reviews

january 17 2021

Great product, works as stated.


april 4 2024


Camila Castillon

march 29 2024

J'ai perdu 1kg en 3 semaines, sans rien changer à mon alimentation


february 25 2024


Sanz Calvo Mario

september 10 2018

Aviva el organismo, sientes más calor y como ganas de sudar sin variarte el sueño.

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