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Olive Leaf Extract + Glucofit


Olive Leaf Extract + Glucofit
Suplement antydiabetyczny GlucoFit ™ na bazie wyciągu z liści Banaba
  • Tradycyjnie używany w leczeniu cukrzycy i chorób nerek
  • Wykazuje działanie antydiabetyczne
  • Zapobiega tworzeniu się zapasów tłuszczu w organizmieMediterranean formula with triple action against blood cholesterol and triglycerides
    • Produced naturally from olive trees (Olea Europaea).
    • Exceptional content in oleuropein (125mg standardised to 32%).
    • Clinically-proven effects.
    • Helps lower levels of LDL-cholesterol and triglycerides.
    • Combats lipid peroxidation in blood vessels.

  • Ilość : 100 kapsułek żelowych
    60 Veg. Caps
    45.00 €
    (50.69 US$)
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    Olive Leaf Extract 125 mg

    A natural formula produced from olive leaves, Olive Leaf Extract is designed to control lipidemia. It is supported by three clinical studies which have confirmed its ability to lower LDL-cholesterol and triglyceride levels, increase HDL-cholesterol and fight lipid peroxidation . What exactly is Olive Leaf Extract? Olive Leaf Extract a natural-source dietary supplement produced from olive leaves. It contains a very high level of oleuropein, a bioactive phytonutrient specific to the olive tree, which helps control blood lipids and prevent carbohydrate absorption. It is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their cardiovascular health and maintain the integrity of their blood vessels. Individuals with the following risk factors are likely to be particularly interested in this product: those who are overweight; those with type 2 diabetes; those prone to circulation problems; those with high blood pressure; those who are stressed; those who have hypercholesterolemia What compounds are in Oli...

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    Olive Leaf Extract + Glucofit
    Ilość : 100 kapsułek żelowych
    60 Veg. Caps
    45.00 €
    (50.69 US$)
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