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ProstaNatural Formula
ProstaNatural Formula
ProstaNatural Formula
Optimized prostate formula
  • Helps prevent prostate problems.
  • Contains beta-sitosterol and African plum tree extract.
  • Improves benign prostate hypertrophy-related symptoms.

Ilość : 120 Veg. Caps 39.00 €
(43.71 US$)
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ProstaNatural Formula, an optimised dietary supplement for prostate health

Our product ProstaNatural Formula helps prevent the prostate problems that often develop in men over 50. This dietary supplement has been formulated from various natural nutrients which work synergistically in the body. These include saw palmetto, nettle root extract, pollen extract, diindolylmethane, zinc, selenium, beta-sitosterol and extract of pygaeum bark. These various active principles have been selected on the basis of numerous scientific studies which have demonstrated their potential for improving symptoms related to benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate) and which may play a role in preventing prostate cancer.

A formulation for combatting prostate-related problems

Although the last few years have seen an increase in campaigns to raise awareness and promote prevention of prostate problems, the functions of this essential organ are often poorly understood. The prostate is, in fact, a major organ of the male reproductive system. It is actually a gland which surrounds the urethra, the canal through which urine and semen pass out of the body. Its role is to secrete a component fluid of sperm called seminal fluid.

Unfortunately, the prostate sometimes declines with age, giving rise to various disorders such as prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate), prostate cancer, and the most common prostate problem - benign prostatic hyperplasia (prostate adenoma or enlarged prostate). This is defined as a benign prostate tumour and is characterised by enlargement of the prostate which then presses on the bladder and urethra. This causes discomfort and various problems that impair daily life for those affected. The most common symptoms include the frequent urge to urinate, difficulty passing water, pain and burning when urinating, muscle pain or pain related to organs in the pubic area. The good news is that many scientific studies have been conducted to combat such symptoms, and these form the basis of the new dietary supplement ProstaNatural Formula which offers a comprehensive and natural solution to prostate problems.

Beta-sitosterol and pygaeum bark extract, two key ingredient for the prostate

Among the various active principles included in ProstaNatural Formula, beta-sitosterol and pygaeum bark extract are key to the prevention and treatment of prostate problems:

  • A natural compound, beta-sitosterol is a phytosterol recognised for its effects in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Scientific research shows it helps reduce associated symptoms including the frequent urge to urinate.
  • Used in Europe since the mid-Sixties for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia, pygaeum bark extract also contains phytosterols. These exert an anti-inflammatory effect by inhibiting production of prostaglandins in the prostate.

A natural, complete, and easy-to-use solution

Our dietary supplement ProstaNatural Formula is formulated to provide a concentrate of prostate-beneficial nutrients. For optimal efficacy, these natural active principles are combined in a single, vegetarian capsule. This comprehensive formulation offers a quick and easy way of preventing and combatting the discomfort of prostate-related problems, such as benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Daily dose: 4 capsules
Number of doses per box: 30
Amount per dose
Extract of saw palmetto standardised to 45 % free fatty acids) 320 mg
Extract of nettle root 16:1 (Urticadioica) 200 mg
Beta-sitosterol (from 500 mg of soy extract 40 % Beta-sitosterol) 200 mg
Extract of Pygeumafricanum standardised to 2.5 % beta-sitosterol 100 mg
Extract of flower pollen 20:1 100 mg
Di-indolylmethane 100 mg
Collinsoniacanadensis (root extract 4:1) 100 mg
Zinc (from 30 mg zinc arginate) 4.5 mg
Vitamin E (D-alpha tocopheryl acetate) 200 IU
Selenium (L-selenomethionine) 80 mcg
Other ingredients :microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearatesilicon dioxide.

adult males. Take two capsules twice a day.
Warning: contains soy derivatives.

Środki ostrożności: Nie przekraczać zalecanej dawki dziennej. Produkt jest preparatem odżywczym (inaczej zwanym suplementem diety), który nie może zastępować urozmaiconej i zbilansowanej diety. Trzymać z dala od dzieci. Przechowywać z dala od światła, gorąca i wilgoci. Jak w przypadku wszelkich innych preparatów odżywczych, przed zastosowaniem skonsultuj się z lekarzem, jeśli jesteś w ciąży, karmisz piersią lub cierpisz na problemy zdrowotne.
ProstaNatural Formula
Ilość : 120 Veg. Caps 39.00 €
(43.71 US$)
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