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Are you looking for natural products to tackle a hormone imbalance? Do you want to find plant-based supplements or innovative substances that can optimise the health of your endocrine system (pituitary gland, thyroid, adrenal glands, thymus, pancreas, ovaries …)? You’re in the right place. Supersmart offers a choice of the best dietary supplements for supporting hormone health.

There are many problems associated with hormone imbalance (menopausal symptoms, thyroid issues, diabetes, male sexual dysfunction, chronic stress …) but the treatments available rarely live up to the promises made for them. Sufferers are therefore increasingly turning to natural products and dietary supplements. When supported by scientific research, these alternatives can be invaluable: most considered to be ‘hormone precursors’ are likely to stimulate hormone production and help rebalance hormone levels naturally, without causing unwelcome side-effects.

You won’t want to miss out on the four most popular products in this category, Natural Thyro Formula, an enhanced formulation for promoting thyroid balance, Natural Progesterone Cream and Natural Progesterone SprayNatural Anti Aromatase Support, a formulation designed to counter the adverse effects of oestrogens.

Natural Progesterone CreamNatural Progesterone Cream
The first natural progesterone on a liposomal support
56,7 g
30.00 €(33.34 US$)
DIM (di-indolylmethane)DIM (di-indolylmethane)
Promotes healthy oestrogen metabolism in men and women
120 Veg. Caps
23.00 €(25.56 US$)
Natural Progesterone Spray 28 mlNatural Progesterone Spray 28 ml
Natural progesterone in a practical and dose-precise form
160 sprays
39.00 €(43.34 US$)
Natural Thyro FormulaNatural Thyro Formula
New, improved, more powerful formulation
120 Veg. Caps
49.00 €(54.45 US$)
Natural Anti Aromatase Support Natural Anti Aromatase Support
Enhanced formulation with DIM, quercetin and epilobium
120 tablets
69.00 €(76.68 US$)
Phyto Estrogen CreamPhyto Estrogen Cream
Phyto-oestrogen cream, natural supplement with progesterone
56.7 g
32.00 €(35.56 US$)
Coleus Forskohlii  100 mgColeus Forskohlii 100 mg
Standardised extract 10% forskolin, restores sensitivity to hormone receptors
120 Veg. Caps
18.85 €29.00 €(20.95 US$)
Indium Energy 24 mgIndium Energy 24 mg
Stimulating and rejuvenating trace mineral !
90 tablets
69.00 €(76.68 US$)
Lugol 1%Lugol 1%
Essential for hormonal balance from the menopause onwards
50 ml - 1000 drops
19.00 €(21.11 US$)
Natural Anti Prolactin SupportNatural Anti Prolactin Support
A synergy of nutrients and plant extracts to improve the balance of sex hormones
120 Veg. Caps.
12.00 €40.00 €(13.34 US$)
Pyridoxamine 100 mgPyridoxamine 100 mg
Natural form of vitamin B6, powerful glycation inhibitor
60 Veg. Caps
27.00 €(30.01 US$)

Which natural endocrine health supplements address the most common hormone-related problems?

Hormone dysfunction can often cause endocrine disorders or a variety of symptoms. Here is Supersmart’s list of the most common of these problems and the natural ways of either treating them or of complementing primary treatments.

Hypothyroidism: Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland, situated below the Adam’s apple, produces insufficient hormones. Prevalence increases with age, with around 10% of over-60s affected. Most people with hypothyroidism need hormone replacement therapy but alternative approaches (selenium, iodine, tiratricol) are also useful, especially for those with borderline conditions.

Other issues that hormone balance supplements can help relieve

Menopause: Part of the natural ageing process, the menopause results in decreased oestrogen levels, characterised by symptoms such as hot flushes, vaginal dryness and weight gain, as well as over-production of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). Several natural products have demonstrated benefits in this area including chasteberry extract, commiphora mukul, withania somnifera, and asparagus racemosus.

Male sexual dysfunction: This may be related to androgen deficiency – a hormonal problem involving decreased production of the androgen hormones (part of the testosterone family) essential for stimulating desire, excitement and erections. In ageing, this may also be linked to aromatisation - the conversion of testosterone into oestrogen by the enzyme aromatase. Natural products including Tribulus Terrestris, Tongkat Ali and Maca appear to raise testosterone levels, increase libido and promote spermatogenesis, while ginseng may improve erectile dysfunction.

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