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Welcome Shop by health concern Hormone health Phyto Estrogen Cream
Source Naturals Phyto-Estrogen Cream with advanced liposomal delivery
Source Naturals Phyto-Estrogen Cream with advanced liposomal delivery
0309Source Naturals Phyto-Estrogen Cream with advanced liposomal delivery
Sans glutenVegan
Phyto Estrogen Cream
Hormone health
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36.00 €(36.29 US$) Limited quantity
Phyto-Estrogen Cream has an advanced liposomal delivery.
  • Addresses an essential hormonal need of peri-and post-menopausal women.
  • Finest phyto-oestrogens, in the right amounts and in a standardized form.
  • Contains pomegranate juice extract, a natural source of oestrone.
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Phyto-Estrogen Cream: Advanced Liposomal Delivery - Reviews, Dosage

Phyto Estrogen Cream is a liposomal-base cream, which brings benefits by addressing an essential hormonal need of peri-and post-menopausal women. It contains the finest phyto-oestrogens, in the right amounts and in a standardized form, now available to buy at Supersmart.

What are the ingredients in Phyto Estrogen Cream?

This is the first cream to contain pomegranate juice extract, a natural source of oestrone. Each ounce (28 g) of cream also contains:

  • 60 mg soy isoflavones.
  • 100 mg red clover extract.
  • Cimifuga racemosa (Black cohosh).
  • Dong Quai (Angelica sinensis).

The liposomal delivery system is ideal for this product, ensuring the best possible absorption for increased benefits.

Buy Phyto Estrogen Cream to support hormonal balance.

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Discover the properties of DIM, a natural, active metabolite involved in balancing hormone levels. See also Coleus Forskohlii, an ayurvedic herb extract with benefits for re-sensitising cell receptors.

Each pot of 56.7 g (2 ounces) contains:
Purified water; liposomal soy isoflavone extract; lecithin phospholipid; aloe vera leaf gel; caprylic/capric triglyceride (emollient) and glyceryl stearate (emulsifier); glycerin; cetearyl alcohol and ceteareth-20 (emulsifiers); cetyl alcohol (emollient); stearic acid; tocopheryl acetate (natural vitamin E); cocoa seed butter; phenoxyethanol (preservative); pomegranate seed juice extract; red clover flowering tops extract; black cohosh root extract; dong quai root extract; grapefruit seed extract; dowicil and sorbic acid (preservatives); xanthan gum; rosemary oil and natural cherry-almond fragrance.

Warning: Contains peanuts and soy.
Directions for use
Apply half a teaspoon twice a day to the neck, chest, inner arms or thighs. Do not use on mucous membranes. Individual needs may vary. This cream can be used every day.
Atención: contiene soja y granos de cacahuete.
4.4 /5 5 reviews
4.7 / 5
4.7 / 5
Value for money
3.3 / 5

Reviews 5
60 %

C’est un produit que j’utilise régulièrement. Sa texture est parfaite et son application facile. Je sens que je retrouve un équilibre hormonal avec lui, sans utilisation excessive, il est parfait.
LANIS Rose Marie
Selon mon sondage au pendule, ce produit permettrait de vieillir moins, dans une proportion de 20 %
J'ai encore quelques bouffées de chaleur mais elles sont beaucoup plus supportables
Nadia G
Texture correcte, pas de parfum, pénétration de la crème un peu plus longue que pour la crème pour la progestérone
Sehr gute Qualität. Gute Resultate. Muss aber über längere Zeit eingenommen werden.

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Phyto Estrogen Cream
36.00 €
(36.29 US$)
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